Zone 3: Bathroom and an Extra Room

This week we are focusing on the main bathroom and one extra room. The extra room may be a second, or third bathroom, a guest bedroom, a child’s bedroom, the office, or maybe the laundry room. Just pick one extra room and focus on it this week.

The bathroom: Do you live in fear that someone will actually see your bathroom? It is too easy to close our eyes to the mess that is hiding right behind the bathroom door. This week, we are going to open that door to the bathroom, and BabyStep, by BabyStep, we are going to conquer the CHAOS that is the main bathroom!

Your bathroom should give you sense of relaxation and joy when you enter. This is a place for you to pamper and take care of yourself. Treat the room with love and respect and it will bless you with comfort and peace.

FlyBabies: Remove the obvious clutter, take out the dirty laundry, and empty the garbage can.

If your bathroom is clean but still cluttered: Start decluttering (makeup, old towels, old medicine, hair supplies, shampoos, etc.). Check out our daily missions. FlyLady usually sends out one during the week which concentrates on decluttering one small area of your bathroom.

If your bathroom is decluttered: (that means no more clutter — only the things you use and love) Go onto the detailed cleaning list. You will be amazed at how wonderful a 20-minute mini-vacation in a hot bath (complete with candles and bubbles) will feel when the CHAOS is gone from the bathroom. Enjoy!

Don’t forget to add the bathroom to your daily routines. A couple of minutes focusing on the bathroom each day will make a huge difference!

FLY Spot

Welcome to Zone 3, The Main Bathroom! With so much time spent in this room, it’s easy to see how things get messy and cluttered quickly! Our Fly Spot today is to declutter our tub and shower products. You know the ones I’m talking about… the little slivers of soap stuck to your soap dish, the half empty shampoo bottles, the stinky bubble bath you will never use, etc. If you don’t love it and don’t use it, it’s time to evict it! Make some room for things you do love. With things cleared out, you’ll be able to see what you need and what you want!

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