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Hi friends, I need your help!

The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in the cancelation of all our booked events for then next 6 -9 months – from weddings, corp catering to supper clubs and festivals. This is obviously devastating but what’s worse is just how many vulnerable people are now left without adequate support, supplies and care in our communities.   

What we want to do:

We want to team up with local providers such as St Paul’s Church on Roman Road, Help the Aged and The People’s Collective to help supply and deliver hot meals and mini-well being kits to as many vulnerable people as possible in the local community of Hackney, Hackney Wick & Bow whilst also employing those who are well and fit to work and have lost vital income due to this on-going crisis.

We want to deliver x 3 hot meals per week to up to 50 people for the next 3 months (initially)

We want to send those people self care kits that will aide immunity boosting whilst highlighting the amazing health benefits of West African ingredients such as Moringa, Baobab and Fonio.

Whilst we have been flooded with people offering to volunteer to help with delivery – we want to make sure people who are suffering financial hardship during this period can get paid – at least a nominal income for supporting this project.

How you can help!

*Donate from as little as £5 – the cost of a fancy coffee to support this campaign 

*Share this campaign across your friends, family and social networks encouraging people to support it

* Pre-book meals and events with money off vouchers for later in the year you can help us survive when the government has left us to fall by the way side amidst AND you can enjoy a big 20% discount!

* Buy a voucher online to gift for Father’s Day, A birthday, Wedding or future supper club.


We’re in this together! 

Thank you for reading and stay safe and healthy! 

It’s GhanaBeTasty! With your support 

Lots of Love 

Zoe xx

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