We Have Compiled A List Of Tips To Help You With Your Under-bed Storage!

If you have bought a new property or moving into rented flat storage is always a concern for families. If you are living in a metro city then a  chance that you will find no space for multiple closets in your apartment. One of the solutions to this storage problem is to buy bed base with storage. Here we have compiled a list of tips to help you maximise under bed storage.

Find a Designed Storage Bed

If the organisation is a priority in the bedroom, search for a storage bed with built-in wardrobes or drawers. With a storage system built straight into the bed frame, you can take some of the burdens off your wardrobe, dresser or desk says bed base with storage maker.

Drawers beds

Drawer bed base with storage is ideal for holding things out of reach. Bed linens, clothes, accessories, and other miscellaneous bedrooms can be neatly packed away without losing any wardrobe or hanging space.

Beds with Storage Cubby & Shelves

Look for a bed with built-in shelves or storage cubes for storage solutions for a more flexible design. You may use this room to store and display books, documents, folded blankets, or attractive storage bins that are double decorated. Click bed base with storage to find bed accessories.

Using the decorative baskets in the bed

Decorative storage baskets and crates are another trendy options for bed base with storage. Using big, shallow baskets to store and conceal shoes, seasonal clothes or extra sheets and blankets and if you do wish to move your under-bed storage choices, there are plenty of ways to use decorative storage baskets in other spaces.

Strategically Fold Laundry & Storage Bedding

Organizing under-bed drawers and bins is not any different from organising a dresser or shelf. Only make sure that it has a dedicated spot – whether it’s a whole storage basket or a small part of a cabinet – and stick to keeping it where it belongs. Drawing dividers of bed base with storage are useful for having different objects arranged in a single jar. The next thing you want to do is learn how to stack like an expert. You’ll be surprised how much you can store when items are strategically folded and organised!

If you’re not a folding professional yet, take a peek at those free videos and practise before you get the hang of it. If you’re going for the well-known KonMari system for folding jeans and tees or only trying to learn how to fold a folding board, you’re going to develop useful skills for your bed base with storage organisation.

What to store in bed

Because the room is small under the bed, you’re going to have to be conscious of which things you can and can’t store. Soft, foldable objects, such as clothes and mattress, are suitable for bed base with storage, as they can fit into a small room. When storing solid objects such as shoe boxes, bags, or foot locks, make sure there is enough room to dig out quickly from bed.