Ways You Need To Follow For Maintaining Timber Decking Sutherland Shire

Ways You Need To Follow For Maintaining Timber Decking Sutherland Shire

With the summer months approaching and with the scorching UV rays of the sun, the time has come for you to refresh the current look of your timber decking in Sutherland Shire. You have invested a lot of money while making one. So, it is always your duty to ensure that the longevity of this deck is thoroughly maintained with passing the time.

While regular cleaning and vacuuming are valuable points to note down, that’s not the end of the story. Re-coating your deck from time to time is also recommended. So, every 12 to 18 months, you have to recoat your timber deck to maintain its durability, quality, and appearance to last a lifetime.

There are some tips available, which will help you to maintain a deck and keep its longevity growing. Log online and look for like 3 Tips to help you clean and maintain your deck and get some knowledge from there. Or else, you can just run through this article and watch out for some tips mentioned over here.

Which one to choose: oil or water-based coating?

Quality coatings can always save you money and time in the long run, whether you are going for the water-based or oil-based one. Each finish has its own set of benefits. So, learning about the different features will always offer you the chance to select the best one.

  • Oil-based coatings are designed to penetrate the wood better and even more durable. But, this coating will take a longer time to dry up. One major advantage of an oil coat is that it is transparent. So, you can allow the timber’s natural characteristics to show through, even with the coat on.
  • On the other hand, you have a water-based coating, known to be environment friendly. This coat won’t produce as much odor while applying, and even when the drying process is undergoing. Advantages are faster drying time and ease to clean up later. You can recoat within a span of 2 hours.
  • The water-based coats are available in five colors, which are already mixed up. These colours are noted for their high quality and that transparent finish, which will accentuate the natural colour and character of the timber.

Avoid mixing the water and oil-based coats:

If you are still looking for ways to Maintaining and re-coating a timber deck, then learning about the coats beforehand is always important. It is highly advisable to never mix the water-based and oil-based coatings. It is highly recommended to stick with the recently used coating form, which can either be the water or oil-based ones.

If you are planning to change between these coating systems, then you have to completely strip off the existing one before re-coating it with another coat type. It ensures optimum adhesion; otherwise, your coating won’t work.

Have to clean out the deck first:

Before you apply the new coat on the timber decking in Sutherland shire, be sure to clean out the deck first. This platform needs to be free from any grime and dirt, which will allow the new coating to penetrate properly and adhere to timber for that long-lasting protection for sure. For all the hardwood decks, which are grey or weathered, you can try using some of the store-bought cleaning products. Use these cleaners to work your way through the deck first, and then opt for the final coating.

The fast-acting gel formula of these cleaning products will work great and helps in brightening up and revitalizing the weathered and grey timber. So, this gel, in one way, will prepare the timber for the next round of coating application. You can purchase these cleaning products at any major and independent hardware and paint stores. Maybe you can get them online as well and within pre-set budget plans.

Now for the restoration tactics:

In case your current Timber Decking In Sutherland Shire is looking its worst, then you are most welcome to get in touch with the decking restorer to help return the timber to its original colour. After that, you are asked to add the special protector, available from the online stores and retail outlets as well.

  • Here, you need to focus on a major tip first. While using a restorer, keep in mind to work on the manageable and small areas at a time, of around 3 to 4 deck boards.
  • The entire procedure of application, scrubbing, and rinsing will take you around 15 minutes for just a smaller patch of area. So, you do not want to over-face yourself with the task.
  • Make sure to apply this restorer to the dry and clean deck with the help of a brush. After applying the restorer, immediately, you have to work the applicant into the wooden surface by scrubbing it with a stiff brush or pad.
  • Then you have to leave that mixture to stand for around an hour before you can rinse it off. Make sure to rinse thoroughly as you don’t want any of the residue to leave behind its footprint.

Be sure to seal the deck as well:

Stains and sealers are easily available at any of the home improvement centres for a pretty cheap rate. Some of the finish options are listed below for your reference:

  • The clear sealer helps the natural colour and grain of the wood to show through.
  • Toner will add that little bit of shine or colour but will reveal the grain completely and offer protection against harsh UV rays.
  • You can enjoy the power of a semi-transparent stain, designed to stain the wood a bit but also let the grains show.
  • Finally, you have a solid stain and opaque colour, which will seal the weathering damage well and cover the wood grain completely.

You have to re-apply clear sealers annually if you want to maintain timber decking in  Sutherland shire and its longevity for a lifetime. In case you don’t want to use these sealers on your own, catch up with experts and let them guide you through.