Ways To Work On Your Natural Stone Cleaning Method

Ways To Work On Your Natural Stone Cleaning Method

You have been working with natural stones for a pretty long time and quite happy with the results you have gotten with it. These stones are perfectly crafted in the shape and size you want, and will help you to improve the aesthetic value of your house. It is true that simple steps can go a long way when you are aiming for the best cleaning purposes.

Natural stones are pretty expensive, especially when compared to the man-made one. Therefore, getting hold of the best stone deep clean is really important. It will help you to know more about the cleaning supplies, tools and even the steps to follow while cleaning your natural stone and giving it that all new shine as you have asked for it.

Learning about the stones first:

Before you proceed further and get along with the best natural stone cleaning up procedure, it is important to check in with some of the finishes it holds. Learning about the stones beforehand is always a perfect kick start for you to consider. Generally speaking, there are three major primary stone finishes available. Depending on the finish of the stone, the cleaning process is likely to differ.

  • You have the polished finish. It is known to have that glossy surface, perfect for reflecting light and will emphasise on the markings and colours of the materials.
  • Then you have the honed finish. It has one satin silky smooth surface with little light reflection. A honed finish is much preferred for thresholds, stair treads, floors and even some of the other areas with heavy traffic. Honed finish can also be seen used on furniture tops and on some other surfaces.
  • Lastly, you have the flamed finish. It is noted to be one rough textured surface, which is purposely used on the granite floor tiles.

Remember to get along with the types of finishes first on these stones before you head towards the Natural Stone Maintenance Guide For Deep Cleaning. Deep cleaning is always necessary as you want the expensive stones to last for a long time. It is always advisable to head for experts for the same as they are well-aware of the points to follow for better clean-up services.

Some of the easy caring tips to address:

For procuring the longest shelf life and preserving the beauty of your natural stone, there are some simple tips you are advised to follow right now. You can even ask experienced professionals for their advices on stone deep clean services as well.

  • First, you have the coasters. Make sure to use a coaster under all possible glasses, mainly with those containing citrus juices or even alcohol.
  • Even though some stones can easily withstand heat, the current use of mats or trivets is highly recommended for maintaining the working condition of the natural stone well.
  • On the other hand, always try to dust mop the interior floors on a frequent basis with the help of a non-treated form of dry dust mop. Remember that grit, dirt and sand are abrasive materials and can easily damage the look of natural stone. So, clean those up as soon as possible.
  • Adding up mugs or mats inside or outside of the entrance can also minimise the dirt, grit and sand, which can otherwise scratch the current stone floor. Always be sure that the underside of the rug or mat is likely to be of slip resistant surface.
  • Remember to keep hands on the vacuum cleaners as well. If you are making plans to use it, make sure that the attached plastic or metal attachments or even the wheels are not warm as that might scratch the surface area of the natural stones unwillingly.
  • You have to blot any kind of spill with a paper towel immediately whenever the spillage happens. Never try to wipe the area as that might spread that spill even more. After blotting, try to flush that area with mild soap and water, and then rinse that portion multiple times. Remember to dry that area thoroughly with the help of a soft cloth and repeat the process if necessary.

Going for the cleaning purpose:

It is time for you to use the neutral cleaner, whenever trying to work on the stone deep clean services. Some are even advised to use the stone soap, or even that mild liquid dishwashing detergent for the clean-up purposes. You might have to use warm water with the same.

  • Similarly to any possible item while cleaning the house, remember to check the quantity of the cleaner you are using. If you end up using way too much then the cleaning agent will leave behind a film and might end up causing streaks.
  • Make sure to always work with a cleaning rag mop on the floors. For some other surfaces with natural stone in them, a soft cloth is always a good call.
  • Make sure to rinse the surface thoroughly after washing the same off with soap solution. Later, you can dry it with a softer cloth. Make sure to rinse the water frequently for managing a long lasting haul of the natural stone.
  • In any wet areas like bathing zones, you can minimise soap scum by using squeegee once after every use. For removing any form of soap scum, make sure to use one acidic soap scum based remover. You can even opt for a solution of water and ammonia.

Get the best cleaning products from the market:

Most of the suppliers are here to offer products, used for the stone deep clean methods. Most of these cleaning agents will have any form of acid like vinegar or lemon, which might sometimes dull the calcareous stones. So, be very careful while selecting the cleaning agent for your natural stone. Remember to read out the ingredients first, before you can finally start using one. You have to purchase cleaning agents, which are specified to your natural stones.