Visual Antique Lawn & Garden Tractors Show!

Who doesn’t love antique lawn and garden tractors? There are big advantages to these smaller collectible antique tractors. Some will fit in the back of a pick up truck. They can be stored in the garage, they don’t take up a lot of space and although my husband Keith won’t appreciate this, they are just plain cute! COVID-19 is causing tractor show cancellations. So, I thought a visual antique lawn and garden tractor show might be just the thing!

Antique Lawn and Garden Tractors from a nearby town.

Not that far from my hometown is Sullivan, Illinois where the George Tools Company produced this cool antique lawn and garden tractor the “Workbird”. This is one of 300 made. The company has a unique story that is very cool in its own right! We saw this wonderful tractor on display in Atkinson, Illinois at the Vintage Farm Equipment show this past September.

A Rare Antique Lawn and Garden tractor.

antique lawn and garden tractors

This cool lawn and garden tractor is a Snapper Turtle lawn and garden tractor. Information I found indicates that William R. Smith came up with the first “Snappin” Turtle in 1951. We spied this original version at the Florida Flywheelers Swap Meet this past January.

Antique Lawn and garden tractors belonging to famous people!

This little 60 John Deere garden tractor is cool because it is in the George Jones Museum in Nashville, Tennessee. It belonged to the famous country singer. While it is not the one that was in so many of his songs and videos (that one really was a Cub Cadet) it is still pretty cool just because it belonged to the famous country crooner. And anything the Possum owned is pretty cool with me!

A New to me tractor!

antique lawn and garden tractors

We also saw this cool tractor in Atkinson, Illinois at the Vintage Farm Equipment show this past September. The Estate tractor was a new company I had not heard of. I learned the Estate tractor was made by the Gresham Machine Company The tractor has a Gravely power unit and the Gresham Company turned it into a riding mower according to show chairman Dave Carton.

Dave also said that the Estate tractor was only made one year only in 1956. It was a model LS Gravely Power Unit. That was a High Low Unit. There are only about seven known that are running. Only around 100 were made!

Favorite lawn and garden tractor!

antique lawn and garden tractors

I admit to having a thing for jeeps. It should come as no surprise that the Roof Palamino is a favorite lawn and garden tractor of mine. This past summer we stopped at the Roof Gathering in Pontiac. These cool tractors were made in Pontiac.

Such lovely tractors! I think I need one under the Christmas tree!

I hope you enjoyed this visual antique lawn and garden tractor show! There are so many brands out there and so many variations as well. This of course is just a small sampling of what we have seen when we were out and about. Stay safe until we can all be out and about again!

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