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Create the perfect Victorian outdoor garden. Featured here is information on wrought iron patio furniture, garden accessories, garden decor, and garden design. Also, tips for creating and maintaining an outdoor garden and how to create a Victorian “indoor” garden or terrarium. Explore the English garden, Victorian greenhouses, outdoor aviaries, and garden shows. Perennials bloom year after year — pick your favorite 19th century perennials for your home garden design.


While gardening has been going on since Eden, it was during the Victorian era that it became widely popular due in part to new technologies, more diverse plant stock, the rise of the middle class and with it the invention of suburban living. Perennials, when taken care of properly, can sometimes last decades in a garden. Flowering perennials will return year after year to add color and life to your cottage garden. One can find a flowering perennial for every color of the rainbow. Perennials afford a great variety of form, foliage, and flower, and compared with annual plants, they are found to be much less trouble. If a right selection is made and properly planted, at times the plants may be relied upon to appear with perennial vigor and produce flowers more or less throughout the year.


Victorian Garden Furniture

Victorian GardenWrought Iron Patio Furniture
Seating arrangements add coziness of an indoor living-room to the charms of a Victorian style garden. Decorate your outdoor living area with wrought iron patio furniture styles from the past, featuring wrought iron table and garden bench designs.

Charming Outdoor Aviary
Shows and exhibitions were massively popular in the nineteenth century and the public flocked to gaze at the latest wonder brought in by the Victorian plant hunters. Often these new discoveries were exhibited in beautiful outdoor aviaries. Highlighted is an elegant nineteenth century design for an outdoor aviary features a quaint water pond for goldfish.

Victorian Garden Furniture
Decorate your outdoor garden landscape
with wrought
iron garden furntiture.

Perennial Plants
Perennials bloom year after year.
Pick your favorite 19th C perennials.

Historic House Landscape
Take an online tour of this historic house. Hammond House.


Garden Design Tools

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There were two types of Victorian walled gardens, the most common was the walled vegetable garden; but the walled flower garden, such as the one at Winsford Walled Garden, was the second and the more unusual garden type. There is a common misconception that Victorian Walled Gardens were originally built to protect the plants from the weather.  But Victorians went to the considerable expense of enclosing their gardens for another reason, and they did so to protect the valuable produce within the walls from theft. Remember, these extensive gardens were packed with expensively produced food and they were almost always located in the open countryside.

The Victorian Garden

Victorian Garden became popular with the increase in the amount of leisure time owners could devote to it. A front and rear lawn were considered imperative in formal landscape gardens. Woodland gardens and cottage gardens were more informal, and lawns were not such a requisite.  Most properties at the turn of the century were fenced. Cast iron was by far the most popular material because it was the most ornamental.


Victorian Garden Party

Victorian GardenEngland was considered the land for garden parties, with its turf of velvet softness, its flowing outdoor water fountain, splendid old oaks, and its sculptured landscape gardens. But there were some locations in America with a green lawn, a few trees, and (with the prospect of a sunny day) would be perfect for a Garden Party. Garden parties were held at the grandest of Newport, Rhode Island’s mansions, at suburban “summer cottages,” and at the more local city outdoor parks. The owner of a fine summer place was expected to allow those who must stay in the city at least one sniff of his roses and newly mown grass. For a summer party given in a suburban place where people were expected to arrive by carriages or other public means of conveyance, the invitations would have a card enclosed with the directions plainly given as to the hours of trains, which train or boat to take, and any other directions which were necessary for the guests. 


English Gardens

English GardenVictorian British gardens are featured in colorful photographs. Located within traveling distance from the center of London, these magnificent English landscape gardens were filled with carriage drives and broad graveled walks allowing for visual access through well grown trees. An outdoor aviary design featured a structure with a large flight cage where exotic birds showed their iridescent plumage.



Royal Garden

Set for a King tells the story of the garden from its beginnings as a tiny lawn, to a royal garden. The book places the Royal Pavilion Gardens in the context of the developments of gardening fashions of the day, throughout its 200 year history; and also describes the ingenuity required to find and propagate new and exotic plants from abroad that we now take for granted. The creation of George IV’s garden at the Royal Pavilion took over forty years. To achieve the final grand plan for the site in the centre of a busy town, many obstacles had to be overcome; extra land was purchased, rows of houses were demolished and even the main road into the town was diverted! The sinuous shapes comprised trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, annuals and bulbs, all mixed together to form a relaxed grouping of plants to create interest throughout the seasons. 


Victorian Garden Ideas

Cottage Garden Garden Paving
Cottage Garden Garden Walkways
cottage garden plants Window Box Ideas
Cottage Garden Plants Window Box Ideas


Glass Greenhouse & Garden Statues

The Victorian era was a time of great exuberance, exploration and experimentation and the Victorian desire to design astounding gardens, greenhouses and glasshouses was taken up passionately. Original angelic memorial sculptures which feature angels, whimsical fairies, Victorian style women, mother and child themes, and goddesses are offered at Lisa Walsh Sculptures. These works feature angels, whimsical fairies, Victorian style women, mother and child themes, and goddesses. Her portfolio includes many beautiful, yet functional, pieces such as figurative sculpture vases, fairy birdbaths, decorative mirrors, and fountain pieces. Her specialty, however, is creating original angelic memorial sculptures which include pet memorials.

If you want to take your garden design to the next level then download free landscape design software to save time and money.  When utilizing 3D software for planning a garden or small backyard landscape you are able to choose bushes and shrubs; design a flower garden, layout a sprinkler system … all on your computer. Today a landscape designer can go mobile in designing their outdoor space by using a landscape app. Landscape design apps allow users to visualize and then create a design from scratch on the iPad using a photo taken with the tablet’s camera.


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