Tulip Inspired Tablescape with Vintage Label Vases



The weather has been cold so far for Spring this year. It’s time to warm things up and think about ideas for my table. My inspiration for this Tulip Inspired Tablescape grew from memories of tulips in my mom’s garden each year when I was a child. Every Spring she would plant the tulip bulbs in different color. They were everywhere and Tulips has been one of my favorite flowers since for the spring. It’s perfect for the Easter holiday which is just around the corner. I am excited to share the details of my tulip inspired tablescape with vintage labels on the vases.


I was at my local flower shop and bought some really pretty white tulips. They represent two of my favorite colors white and green, prefect for my tables. I have added the tulips everywhere in the screen porch area, as well as in the kitchen. These are two areas that I do most of my entertaining. Tulips are really easy to care for very similar to roses, just cut the stem at an angle and add cold water with no additives.


SPRING HOME TOUR: Featuring White Tulips

Adding Vintage Labels On The Vases (Printable )

I was really excited to decorate my table with tulips. I soaked the tulips in warm water and arranged them in different sized glass jars. For my tables I like to layer the tablesetting with tulips all the way down the table.

For the last few weeks I have been saving frappuccino bottles and mason jars. I have these pretty vintage label printables. These labels  have  a cute vintage look.

All you have to do is print them out, cut out and glue on bottle. They are quirky in names such as epsom salt or pharmacy, but the font style are very vintage. I love them! If you have bottles lying around you can make these vases.


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