Tuition Center vs Private Tutor – Which One To Choose?

Tuition Center vs Private Tutor – Which One To Choose?

It is a common question that came to every parents mind is that why they have to hire a private tutor or enroll their kids in a tuition center? Why they have to spend more money as they are already giving much to school. Aren’t the schools good enough to teach their kids?

The simple answer to this is it depends on your kids. If you have seen your kids struggling in studies then it is right time to enroll them in science tuition center or hire a private tutor for them. The reason why tuition centers are more successful is they are more professional and experienced than school tutors. They help to catch up the lessons that your kids find hard to understand.

Another reason why you want to hire a science or physics tutor or get your kids in tuition center is because you want to keep them ahead of pack. In Singapore, it is common that most students choose science as the main subject and we all know it is really hard to cope up with science subjects by going only to school. This thing makes the private tutors and tuition centers compulsory to enroll in.

It totally depends on what type of service you want for your kids. In Singapore following are the common services that are external help that your children can get.

Private Tutor:

A private tutor is a teacher who came to your home to teach your kids. You have to decide a schedule with him that suits you and your kids. It is known as the best way of one-to-one communication where your kids get full attention of teacher instead of attention divided into many students in tuition center.

Tuition Center:

An educational institute that is almost same as school but with less students in one class that is around 20 students. Teacher can give proper attention to each student but still is not like a private tutor. Tuition centers help your kids academically from pre-school to junior level.

Enrichment Classes:

Enrichment classes are non-academic classes that deals with non-academic skills like art, music, drama, dance, cooking, robotics, speech, sports etc.

Study Coach:

This category is for teachers where study coach teach tutors how to teach students in best effective manner. They don’t teach tutors the content of the subject but tells them how to teach and what method they should adopt. It is not a common service.

Tuition Center & Private Tutor Pros

Private Tutor Pros

  • One-to-one communication will build confidence in kids.
  • No other student distraction as your kids are in your home and tutor is only available for them.
  • You can decide schedule that suits your kids and you.

Tuition Center Pros

  • Only certified teachers are hired to teach the students.
  • Interview is taken before hiring a teacher in tuition center.
  • Planned and structured approach helps finishing the course in time.

Tuition Center & Private Tutor Cons

Private Tutor Cons

  • Private tutors lack expertise in different subjects as they have knowledge only in one subject.
  • You have to hire different tutors for different subjects mean more expense.
  • Study environment is hard to build in home.

Tuition Center Cons

  • Due to heavy work load of homework and tests, stress level may increase in kids.
  • Students need to go on proper timing not according to your schedule.