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Hello friends! Hope you’re doing well in this crazy time. My husband and I both work from home, so this hasn’t changed our day routines too much! But with our son out of school, we do have a bit more free time than usual.

I’ve been trying to focus on completing little projects I’ve been putting off forever. It got me thinking of some of the DIY/home projects that could be done with what you might have at home already.

If so many of us are home more than usual, so let’s take advantage of it, right? I gathered a list of ten home projects to work on during this time at home all day!

1. Spray paint something

OK, you may not have the big spray paint stash I do, but even if you just have the basic black and white (you can order it online), you’d be surprised at how much you can change things up!

This mirror used to have a wood frame and the lamps used to be shiny brass:

easy spray paint projects when stuck at home

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2. Rearrange furniture

This is by far the cheapest way to change up a space. I don’t do this often — in both of our houses I’ve found a set up I like and stuck to it…forever. Ha!

But even a simple thing like switching out chairs or tables will freshen up a space:

Symmetrical family room layout

Think about different layouts and changing things up. It will feel like a brand new room!

3. Organize 

This one is a given, right? I always feel like making our storage spaces work better this time of year. This is the perfect time to get to those spots that have always driven you crazy:

Organized linen and mud room closets

4. Printable art projects

You know how much I love free printables! They are basically free art — and spring is a lovely time to add some color around the house:

FREE spring printables DIY art
Make photos into watercolor art

Don’t forget printing off photos and framing them too! Get the photos off your phone and create that gallery wall. 🙂 

5. Fabric projects

Have you had fabric tucked away to make those curtains or pillows? Now is the perfect time!:

How to sew a pillow with zipper
I shared how to make pillows with zippers here. If you don’t have decorative fabric, you can use any fabric — old bedding, drapes, shower curtains even! 
You can make more than pillows of course. Cover a lampshade with fabric to give it new life (that is an OLD post!). Wrap your photo mats with fabric to add some color to a gallery wall. So many fun ways to add some color around the house. 

6. Declutter/edit

Not sure there’s a better time to address the clutter. It will free up space in your home (even more important now that most of us are home more!) and it feels SO GOOD to get rid of stuff.

I promise you it will lift your mood! Do you really need 150 markers?:

The best decluttering method

The answer is no. No, you do not. 🙂 

Konmari method for purging the house

Decluttering is the best feeling! Clutter stresses us and makes us more anxious than we realize. 

7. Rearrange accessories and art

This doesn’t just work with furniture! Mix things up — try your accessories in different spots. Change up the decor on your bookshelves:

Dark green DIY built in bookcases

Or move art and mirrors around. Shop your house! 

And don’t forget that editing can make a big difference too. This is a great time to let your house “breathe” — take a few things away and lighten things up for the spring and summer seasons. It will feel good. 🙂 

8. Paint something

Anything! Walls are a given, and make the biggest impact. But if you don’t have a whole gallon of paint you can still paint your interior doors:

Painting interior doors
How to paint furniture

Paint is a game changer! Add some contrast or lighten things up. 

9. Deep clean 
Have you seen that meme going around? 😂

Stay home cleaning

So true!! Well, this is the time my friends, let’s get it done! Open the windows and clean the house. 

Best carpet cleaner ever

It works so well it’s almost…enjoyable? There is deep satisfaction seeing what it picks up. (And deep shame for how dirty our rugs are.)

10. Scrap wood projects

This is one of my favorites because I keep a large scrap wood stash. It’s REAL hard for me to let go of wood.

Try building some easy picture ledges:

DIY wood picture ledges

Or a tray for the coffee table or ottoman! I made this HUGE hideaway tray for Legos years ago:

DIY large hideaway Lego tray

It slides under the sofa! 

We also use it for puzzles and games: 

large DIY puzzle or game tray
DIY wood labels for storage baskets

The perfect project after you’re done decluttering and organizing. 😉 

There you go — my top ten home projects to work on when you’re stuck at home. I tried to include DIYs using what I already have on hand. What would you add to this list? 

Hang in there — take it one day at a time and keep busy!

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