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Episodes from Season 36 The Victory Garden presents edibleFEAST — check local listings

Episode 1 – Minnesota
Visit Minnesota, and a Hmong family, once refugees from Laos, today organic farmers! Then check out the duck farm of a young “DIY” couple, and learn about tomato trellising and harvesting basil from a permaculture gardener.

Episode 2 – Memphis
Explore Memphis, Tennessee, where an organic garden in a tough South Memphis neighborhood has become a source of community unity, Chef Miles McMath is bringing fresh local food into the cafeterias at St. Jude’s Hospital, and expert gardeners are planting burlap sack gardens!

Episode 3 – Ohio
In Ohio we meet a man who started his own grass-fed dairy, and a couple who runs their own fermenting business. We also learn about Volunteers for Veggies, an urban gardening program that donates food to the needy.

Episode 4 – New York City
Watch innovative gardeners and farmers making it work in New York City! Explore Manhattan rooftop salt making, and rooftop farms in Brooklyn. Then, come down to earth for some urban foraging in city parks.

Episode 5 – The Bay Area
Travel to San Francisco for some valuable gardening tips form Edible San Francisco Editor Bruce Cole, to Inna Jam’s Dafna Kory making jam with fruit straight from the farmer’s market, and to the Mandela Foods Coop, a cooperative grocery store created by the community.

Episode 6 – Palm Beach
In Palm Beach, Florida, Dr. John Zahina-Ramos of Just One Backyard plants sweet potatoes in a wheelbarrow, and makes a wall garden, while on a rural farm, Jojo Milano makes cheese from the milk of purebred Nubian and Lamancha goats. Also watch Eric Finn sustainably diving for the invasive lionfish and delicious spiny lobster.

Episode 7 – Madison
This week, see what’s on the menu at the first Laotian restaurant in Madison, Wisconsin, and learn how to make an herb spiral using repurposed bricks, with creative vegetable gardener Megan Cain. Then, from the pig farm to the Underground Food Collective, watch an entire pig become charcuterie, and lastly, visit the first organic cranberry farm in Wisconsin.

Episode 8 – Vancouver
This week, we’re in Vancouver, Canada, learning how to create a worm composter, propagate herbs by taking cuttings, and harvest flax seeds. We’ll venture out on the crab boats with fisherman dedicated to keeping low impact practices viable for small-scale harvesters, and later, we’ll visit a mobile Truck Farm owned by Judy Kenzie.

Episode 9 – New England
Visit Winter Hill Farm in Maine, where a herd of very rare Randall cattle provide milk for a small farmstead creamery. Then, explore Bantam Cider and the apple orchards of Tower Hill Botanical Gardens to see how hard cider is made in Boston. At Green City Growers, learn how to make a cold frame from the ground up, then watch as Chef Carolyn Johnson cooks up two delicious apple-inspired dishes.

Episode 10 – Omaha
Travel to Omaha, Nebraska to learn gardening tips from an urban farmer who turned his home into an oasis of fresh produce. Cook with Chef Isa Chandra Moskowitz, who opened the first vegan restaurant in town, and visit an organic farm outside of Omaha, to make caramels with urban gardener Ali Clark.

Episode 11 – New Orleans
Head to the Big Easy to see all that New Orleans has to offer, including two first generation farmers, whose 10 adopted children learn important life lessons growing up on the family farm. Visit B&B Farms/Indian Springs Cooperative — an African American Farming cooperative in Mississippi, and then Paradigm Gardens, for some valuable gardening tips, such as how to make homemade insecticide.

Episode 12 – Charlotte
In Charlotte, North Carolina, we’re learning gardening tips at an eye-catching urban farm, and we’re meeting Robin Emmons, who started gardening in her backyard to provide fresh food to the mentally ill. Then we’ll go foraging in the woods with expert (and mushroom cultivator) Ken Crouse.

Episode 13 – San Diego
Explore idyllic San Diego, starting with restaurant owner and gardener Trish Watlington, who teaches us important tips on planting fall peas as well how to combat white flies. Go diving with 30-year veteran sea urchin diver Pete Halmay, and visit the sisters behind the Suppanee House of Thai, who grow Thai produce at their home farm.


Past Episodes

Season 35 Episode 1
Meet Amy Devers, the host of “Victory Garden presents EdibleFEAST,” learn about sustainable shitake mushroom farming, digging for goeduck, and harvesting sea salt and sea beans.

Season 35 Episode 2
Chef Daniel Klein is in South Carolina learning the value of heirloom seeds, and we explore community supported rooftop gardens in Brooklyn and the Bronx, New York.

Season 35 Episode 3
Look at an entirely different approach to dairy farming and, in North Carolina, meet a farmer growing heirloom corn and sugar cane.

Season 35 Episode 4
This week we’re harvesting local shrimp and fish, off the coast of Louisiana, and finding out how two brothers farm, in a truly sustainable way, in one of the most remote areas of the country.

Season 35 Episode 5
Watch as we harvest crab and sea urchin off the California coast, and prepare a feast with local farm workers, then later visit an Oregon farm with naturally raised lambs.

Season 35 Episode 6
Learn about the role of CSA’s, in upstate NY, after Hurricane Irene devastated local farmers, and watch as Chef Daniel shows how to make wonderful side dishes with farm to table ingredients.

Season 35 Episode 7
Meet some Vermonters involved with sustainable farming and, in San Francisco, see three local farms combine the foods they produce for one amazing meal at a restaurant.

Season 35 Episode 8
This week, we’re catching lobsters off the coast of Maine, meeting a unique individual who harvests seaweed, and visiting Maryland to learn the virtues of oyster farming.

Season 35 Episode 9
Hunt for morel mushrooms, in the mountains of the Eastern Cascades, and then, outside Taos, New Mexico, learn how to find delicious and flavorful food growing naturally on the land.

Season 35 Episode 10
In this episode, we catch and prepare frogs in Arkansas, and then meet a local farmer, in Maryland, who’s created an animal sanctuary to save livestock from slaughter.

Season 35 Episode 11
In Montana, a rancher and his family have an entirely new take on raising cows and horses, and down in Florida, we meet a fisherman who catches local mullet with a hand net.

Season 35 Episode 12
This week, we visit Californian farmers and community groups who share excess crops with people in need while, in Rhode Island, we explore the role that insects can play in food production.

Season 35 Episode 13
In this episode, farmers and foragers in Georgia gather local ingredients for a feast, with Chef Daniel, who then takes us to his home in Minnesota, where he makes bread and pickles from local ingredients.

Best Bets for Rose of Sharon – April 15, 2010
Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom has always had difficulty with hibiscus but offers up some nice varieties of the rose of Sharon.

Best Bets for the Parterre Garden – April 8, 2010
Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom gives us his best bets for a parterre garden.

Best Bets for Eggplant – April 1, 2010
Jack Algiers from the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture shows us his best bets for growing eggplant in New England.

Best Bets for Shrubs – March 25, 2010
Gardening Correspondent Paul Epsom figures out how to make the best of an empty space in his yard, by filling it with flowering shrubs for a low maintenance solution to a not-so-attractive space in the garden.

Pond Maintenance – March 18, 2010
Ponds make a beautiful addition to any garden, but there is a certain amount of maintenance that must go with it. Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom walks us through what needs to be done before winter comes.

Best Bets for Berry Plants – March 11, 2010
Well if you live in a colder part of the U.S., winter can often be the longest season in your garden. So, if your landscape design doesn’t include hardy plants for winter, it is going to be a long wait until spring. Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom introduces us to some winter berries that will add color to your garden.

Best Bets for Peppers – March 4, 2010
Jack Algiers from the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture shows us his best bets for growing peppers in New England.

Best Bets for Hydrangeas – February 25, 2010
There are not many of us who don’t appreciate hydrangeas in the garden — gardening correspondent Paul Epsom introduces us to some of his favorites.

Best Bets for Climbing Plants – February 18, 2010
Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom shows us his best bets for climbing plants that will cover an ugly eyesore.

Best Bets for Dark Foliage – February 11, 2010
Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom shows us his best bets for new varieties for dark foliage in your backyard.

Best Bets for Fall Flowers – February 4, 2010
When summer finally fades away and we are into fall, flowers are at a premium and gardening expert Paul Epsom has some new choices, above and beyond the usual fall flower — the hardy mum.

Best Bets for Artichokes – January 28, 2010
Jack Algiers at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture describes how to grow healthy and hearty artichokes.

Best Bets for Roses – January 21, 2010
Are you giving up on growing roses? Well, don’t. Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom introduces us to some new varieties that are easy to grow and disease-resistant — he is joined by horticulture expert Todd Forrest from the New York Botanical Garden.

Best Bets for Evergreens – January 14, 2010
Evergreens are one of those vital ingredients to any good landscape — strong green color all year around. But gardening correspondent Paul Epsom tells us that is only part of the story. In his ideal garden, evergeens are joined by ever blues, ever yellows and even ever reds.

Best Bets for Golden Foliage – January 7, 2010
Looking to brighten up your garden in the fall? Consider the color yellow — and add some golden foliage to your landscape. Gardening expert Paul Epsom gives us his best bets for golden foliage for your garden.

Homegrown: Microgreens – April 30, 2009
With the price of produce today, it’s now more than ever a great idea to grow your own. Michel Nischan visits Summer Winter Restaurant in Burlington, Massachusetts, where he learns about growing microgreens with Chef Clark Frasier and master gardener Ryan Fahey.

Balance in Design – April 30, 2009
Balance is important in every garden. Landscape designer Karen Howard tells gardening correspondent Paul Epsom how she used symmetrical and asymmetrical elements to create balance in her own garden.

Pruning Rhododendrons – April 2, 2009
Do you have rhododendrons that want to own both the land and your house? Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom and landscape designer Karen Howard discuss how to prune rhododendrons.

Height in Design – April 2, 2009
Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom discusses techniques to create height in your garden with landscape designer Karen Howard.

Evergreens for Color – March 5, 2009
Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom and landscape designer Karen Howard talk about options for evergreens with color.

Cedar Apple Rust – March 5, 2009
Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom and landscape designer Karen Howard discuss the common tree disease cedar apple rust.

Shade Plants – February 5, 2009
Tired of the same old ground covers? Gardening correspondent Paul Epsom and landscape designer Karen Howard suggests wonderful alternatives for ground covering in the shade.

Easy Moss Planting – February 5, 2009
Paul Epsom shows you how to grow moss in your garden by blending it with a growing medium.

Compost Tea – January 8, 2009
Jamie Durie visits Geoff Pall of COPIA, the American Center for Food and Wine, where he learns how to make compost tea, a liquid extract of compost itself, making it more available to the plant.

Earth-friendly Materials – January 8, 2009
When planning an environmentally friendly garden it’s also important to consider the materials you’re using. Jamie Durie shows how to incorporate earth-friendly materials like recycled man-made timber and recycled crushed oyster shells in your garden.

Native Plant Species – November 26, 2008
Jamie Durie explains the importance of using native plants and trees.

Cacti and Succulents in the Garden – November 26, 2008
Do you want to create an environmentally friendly garden that uses less water and requires lower maintenance? Jamie Durie shows you how by using cacti and succulents.

Earth-friendly Gardening in the City – October 30, 2008
Jamie Durie talks to The Fairmont’s Chef James Pedro for tips on keeping earth-friendly in the city by recycling green waste to create compost.

Victory Gardens 2008 – October 30, 2008
Jamie Durie visits the Victory Gardens 2008 program in San Francisco where he explains the concept of victory gardens and the importance of growing food in your own backyard.

Composting Choices – March 14, 2008
Composting, a best-practice in gardening for generations, is becoming more and more popular with home gardeners. Learn more about this exploding trend as Jamie Durie reports from the Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College near San Diego, California.

Solar Lighting – January 4, 2008
A quick review of some of the newest decorative solar lighting available for your garden.

Ask The Victory Garden: How to Cope with a Slope – December 27, 2007
Jamie Durie talks about how to deal with a sloping site and the huge issue of erosion that can result.

Ask The Victory Garden: “Chocolate” Plants – December 20, 2007
Jamie Durie explains how dark colored plants can provide a punch to any border or container.

Ask The Victory Garden: Waterwise Groundcover – December 13, 2007
Trachelospermum jasminoides, common name “star jasmine” or “confederate jasmine,” is a sweet smelling evergreen vine for zones 8 through10. But did you know it can also work for you as a low growing, shrubby groundcover? This plant also works well in colder climates in containers.

Ask The Victory Garden: Attracting Birds to Your Garden – December 7, 2007
See some of the latest and greatest birdfeeders to help attract feathered friends to your garden.

Ask The Victory Garden: Herbal Drinks – November 29, 2007
Extra basil or rosemary on hand? Why not use it in a “muddled” drink!” Loews Coronado Bay Resort’s Chef Paul Frahm shows Jamie Durie the latest technique for blending herbs and fruit into beverages.

Ask The Victory Garden: Permeable Hardscaping – November 21, 2007
The Getty Center Gardens in Los Angeles, California, uses a type of permeable tile to surround trees and other softscape items.

Ask The Victory Garden: Firewise Gardening – November 8, 2007
Do you live in a fire-prone area? Selecting the right plants for your landscaping projects can save your property—and your life—if disaster strikes. Jamie Durie reports from the Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College near San Diego, California.

Ask The Victory Garden: Firewise Gardening – November 8, 2007
Do you live in a fire-prone area? Selecting the right plants for your landscaping projects can save your property—and your life—if disaster strikes. Jamie Durie reports from the Water Conservation Garden at Cuyamaca College near San Diego, California.

Simply the Best Tomatoes – October 19, 2006
Gardener Kip Anderson and lifestyle co-host Sissy Biggers tour the Victory Garden’s vegetable garden and dish on the most delicious tomato varieties and give tips on how to grow them: Tomato ‘Isis Candy Cherry’, Tomato ‘Black Pearl’, Tomato ‘Snowberry’, Tomato ‘Sungold’, Tomato ‘Favorita’

Row Cover 101 – October 5, 2006
Michael Weishan and gardener Kip Anderson give you a primer on using row cover effectively in the vegetable garden- preventing insect infestations and shielding sensitive plants.

Double Digging – September 21, 2006
Michael Weishan and gardener Kip Anderson demonstrate the cultivation technique of “double digging” — a tried and true way of creating a healthy garden bed for plants and vegetables.

Disease Control for Peonies – September 7, 2006
Viewer question answered! Why do some peonies’ buds die off before bloom?

Lichen – August 24, 2006
Viewer question answered! What exactly is lichen, and will it harm the trees and plants it grows on?

Plants for Scent – August 10, 2006
There’s nothing like fragrance in the garden! Michael Weishan and Mike Mahoney of Mahoney’s Garden Centers in Winchester, Massachusetts, discuss their best bets for selecting plants with scent

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