The Skura Style Sponge Is The Only Sponge The BA Test Kitchen Uses

I take cleaning very seriously. As Test Kitchen manager, it’s part of the job, but it’s also my personal passion (I’m such a clean freak, I’ll wipe down a stove while it’s still hot). So, believe me when I tell you that Skura Style makes the absolute best sponges out there.

We go through sponges way quicker than people normally do at home. Sure we use them a lot more, but it’s also because our windows don’t open, which means we have no fresh air coming through the kitchen. Our sponges absorb EVERYTHING going on in the room. If you leave a regular old sponge sitting out over the weekend here, it’ll be dry, crinkly, and smell like sh*t by Monday. We have to throw them out every week. (Trust me, I’ve tried salvaging them by soaking them in Clorox bleach, boiling them, or putting them in the microwave. It never works.)

The Skura sponges, on the other hand, last way longer. And, better yet, they never smell. That’s because the super absorbant base—made of patented polyurethane foam instead of cellulose—includes an antimicrobial agent that prevents the growth of mildew, mold, and odor-causing bacteria. The sponge’s firm texture made me really skeptical at first. But as soon as you wet it, it becomes gentle and pliable enough for anything, even curvy wine glasses.

You can get your hands on them two ways: Individual packs when you need them, or for situations like ours, a subscription to four-packs, delivered to your door every month or every other month. You know when to move on to a new sponge when the Skura Style logo emblazoned on the scrubby side side completely disappears. If it weren’t for that, I’d probably still be using the same one that started this obsession. And I wouldn’t even be mad about it.

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