The Homebase Garden Eco Border Is a Spring Garden Must-Have

With the warmer weather looming, it’s time to think about your garden and if your greenscape is in need a bit of TLC, Homebase have unveiled a handy tool to help make the transformation seamless.

The outdoor specialists are selling – the Garden on a roll eco-border, an innovative new way to give tired and forgotten gardens a quick upgrade, while also adding an abundance of colour to outdoor spaces – without the need for any professional gardening skills.

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homebase garden eco border


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With the spring season now upon us, but with the country still under a coronavirus lockdown, gardens have never been more important to make sure are nice places to enjoy the change in season.

The garden on a roll eco-border kit has been designed to help even the luckless of gardeners create the perfect springtime haven to relax in during the self-isolation and social distancing protocols.

Each kit comes with biodegradable paper plan and a selection of different drought-tolerant plants and shrubs, including rosemary, laender, dianthus and a host of others.

To install simply roll out the biodegradable paper in the garden, and then match the supplied plants to their place on the border.

Remove the pots, plant the plants through the paper, then cover the paper with compose or bark, and water regularly. In a week to 10 days the border will grow and flourish, while the paper will slowly begin to sustainabily start to degrade into the soil.

Prices for the Homebase garden eco border start at £75 per kit, with additional delivery charges added. To order visit Homebase online.

For more information on the Homebase garden eco border visit Homebase online.

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