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Aston Martin is obviously known to make some of the sleekest cars ever but they are always pushing their design boundaries to create new things, things outside the automotive realm which is not something most of its competitors do. They have worked on everything like helicopters motorcycles, boats, and their most recent adventure was designing a private luxury residence in New York’s Hudson Valley. The iconic brand partnered with S3 Architecture to create the Sylvan Rock – an angular home nestled in a lush, 55-acre property that can be accessed through a picturesque 2,000 ft driveway wrapped in trees and rock walls. The home will be built using sustainable building methods, materials, and efficient systems – attending to the planet’s needs is as important as attending to a client.

The main residence’s structural shape mimics the geological rock formations found on the property. It is enveloped in blackened cedar and

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Remember going to the grocery last spring and finding empty shelves where the bathroom tissue was supposed to be? Stores unexpectedly rationed sales because COVID-19 disrupted the supply chain.

The toilet paper shortage of 2020, like everything else about the pandemic, is having an effect on home designs as they change to keep up with the way we live today.

Peek behind the master bathroom door of some new houses in Williamson County and instead of an ordinary toilet you’ll find a combination potty-bidet. It’s an ordinary fixture in many European countries but something new in Tennessee.

“We’re pricing them for all of our

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Every household needs their staple products – a cozy couch, a chic coffee table, and a floor lamp that ties up the whole place together! Stylish lighting solutions are part decor, part utility and an absolute necessity to bring your home to life. The lighting solutions here today range from practical solutions to innovative designs and although they are a render, I truly hope some of these designs can be brought to life coz I call dibs on the Giant Ring Light!

Richard Malachowski of Play Industrial Design has created this Giant Ring Light and it is a love-at-first-sight for a bookworm like me! Resembling a halo, the adjustable light can be moved to create the perfect light setting, helping you create the cozy corner you’ve always wanted with a plush chair to keep you in place.

Award-winning industrial designer Andrew Ferrier has created a unique lighting solution, carved from

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While the primary function of a wardrobe is storage, they also add to the decor setting of the room. Be it sliding door or the ones with hinges, these functional details can add interest to your surroundings with elan. Though the shape the wardrobe remains more or less the same, the colour, texture and material choice can definitely transform its presence in your room. Other features like the mirror placements, hinged or sliding doors, ergonomic hardware can also make a huge impact on the decor. Check out our recommendations below:

This modern and elegant furniture piece will furnish your bedroom with class and sophistication. This engineered wood wardrobe is designed with a chest of drawers that look distinct and modern. The smooth texture and walnut finish of this wardrobe make it a stylish piece that will complete your essential storage need. The wardrobe has a knock-down construction that can be

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Starting the day with fun things is a good first step to do. Surrounded by positive energy, you will live your day with a happier mood. It can be established by building a supportive home atmosphere.

The most common thing to do after waking up is to go to the bathroom. But what happens if bad vibes overtake because of your boring bathroom design? That means you need to pay close attention to the bathroom makeover ideas that we have prepared!

Bring Retro Back

Who says bathrooms aren’t suitable for an antique look? Try installing classic tubs and old-fashioned wall sconces and feel the glow of luxury pampering you while you are doing activities in the bathroom.

Bathroom makeover decorating ideas will produce an antique look when applying classic items inside. For example using a classic tub and wall scone lights that have a gold color.

Image Source

Antique look
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luxurious marble bathroom designs cover

Marble is a royal material, it’s refined and expensive. It’s the best and most exquisite material for a bathroom design due to its look and durability; from the ancient times it’s a material to make bathrooms and saunas. There are several types and shades of marble, it combines with wood and stone well. Marble lets to make a minimalist bathroom but more often designers create exquisite and refined décor in vintage style. Exquisite bathroom appliances and retro touches make marble shine and look even more delicate. It’s number one material for feminine bathroom designs and can be used for masculine spaces, too – just imagine a black marble bathing space! Here are some options to consider.

Marble Tiles

If you aren’t ready to splurge on real marble, think of marble tiles – they never go out of style just like marble itself. You may choose various shades – from more

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A bathroom with a clawfoot tub and a cozy armchair.

A collection of bathrooms of a variety of styles and sizes all in attics.

Welcome to our gallery featuring a collection of bathrooms with one thing in common: they’re in the attic!

The bathrooms in this gallery are as varied as they can be, some in pristine white tile, others in rustic woods with varying stains and grains. Look for bathrooms like the featured one above: with large soaking tubs and interesting unique details like a cozy armchair.

Keep an eye out for fantastic skylights and cavernous shower stalls; for colorful tile and unique light fixtures.

Some of these bathrooms are open to the bedrooms that accompany them, while the majority are separated by a door.

The bathrooms in this collection aim for a sleek, contemporary look. You’ll find few ornate bathrooms, although you may find more ornate details, like the claw feet of a bathtub or a filigreed mirror

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The vintage kitchen features that came with your house or rental—old appliances, dated fixtures, interesting floor materials—aren’t always the choices you would have made if you had designed from scratch. But if you don’t have the money to renovate (or you rent and can’t) or don’t want to renovate, choose to work with your vintage features, not fight against them! These sixteen kitchens get it right.

The vintage cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen of Nicole & Ben’s Eclectic Family Pad in Western Australia are kept a natural wood color, while the rest of the space is washed in white, giving a clean feel to the whole room. Add in a handful of colorful vintage accessories, and the room is a delightful mix of old and new.

In Katrina, Draz & Eddie’s Melbourne Home, the kitchen wasn’t painted all white, or the appliances updated, or new modern furniture brought

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Well, my new furniture set is finished, and again, i seem to time these right as milestone ‘gifts.’ Since that really isn’t the case because it takes me a while to put these together, this set and all future sets will be labelled as Custom Content Collections. This is my first bathroom, and was about time I actually made one. Little surprise its modern. My bathrooms are mostly modern as I love the tranquil feel it gives a small space.

What you should know:

  • Full bathroom set
  • Little weirdness with animation getting in and out of shower as it uses the tub/shower combo animation
  • To place the smaller side basins, press F5 to turn on 1/4 tile placement
  • Wood and solid basins separate as swatch order glitches with too many styles


  • 08/12/2017: Updated for C+D patch
  • 22/01/2017: I have updated the three broken mirrors so they will work properly
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Kitchen Showroom on Long Island - Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly Logo

Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly is the largest Long Island, New York luxury kitchens and baths design firm offering premium custom cabinetry and expert home interior design. Our kitchen showrooms on Long Island showcase our designers vast experience in creating custom kitchens, baths, and rooms that work for your lifestyle. The connection Kitchen Designs makes with each client is unique, and that relationship forms the basis from which creativity flows. As a full design-build kitchen remodeling company, we bring a superior level of expertise to assist you in designing luxury kitchens, baths, and custom cabinetry throughout your home. We are dedicated to creating meaningful, well-designed spaces offering the best design and cabinetry for your budget. Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly has been collaborating with homeowners, architects, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors, and builders throughout Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk – North Shore to South Shore and the Hamptons), New York

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