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Welcome to Street Decor!
We have been in business since 1991 selling high quality banners and holiday decorations around the county. Please click on the categories below or the images below to see what we have to offer.  We also would welcome the opportunity to talk and answer any questions you may have!

FibreFlex Bannerware Warranty
All Fibreflex Bannerware is warranted for EIGHT FULL YEARS
Lighted Decoration Warranty
Street Décor, Inc. Christmas decorations are warranted to the original buyer to be free from defects in materials and workmanship.  Protection is extended to the original buyer, under normal conditions of use, after original date of shipment. This warranty is expressly in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.
            Six (6) seasons on all steel frames
            Five (5) seasons on garland
            Three (3) seasons on wiring and UV resistant ornaments
            Three (3) seasons on LED lamps
            One (1) season on incandescent lamps
            One (1) seasons on Bows
Under this warranty, the obligation of the company is limited to repairing or replacing on a prorated basis, at its option, any component found to be defective. 
Cost of shipping and labor to install are not included in this warranty.  This warranty does not apply to banners.
Street Décor, Inc. is not liable for shipment lost, delayed or damaged in transit.  Claims must be filed by the purchaser.

Banner Warranty
Street Decor, Inc. banners are warranted to the original buyer to be free from defects in materials
and workmanship.  Protection is extended to the original buyer for THREE FULL YEARS, under
normal conditions of use, after the original date of shipment.  This warranty is expressly in lieu of
all other warranties, expressed or implied.  Under this warranty, the obligation of Street Decor is
limited to repairing or replacing, at its option, any banner found to be defective.

Street Decor recognizes that some fading of fabric and inks which are exposed to outdoor
elements is normal.  We do not imply that there will be no fade whatsoever in fabric or inks.  We
do state that the product will remain serviceable and presentable throughout the three year
period.  Street Decor recognizes that the degree of fading can be a subjective conclusion and
subject to individual interpretation.  Our goal is to have a satisfied customer.

Street Decor recognizes that wind can be hazardous to banners.  There are straight line winds,
wind tunnel effects, gusting winds, and swirling tornado winds.  Further it is nearly impossible to
establish the velocity of a particular wind might have been at any one point during a storm.
If your Street Decor banners blow out and the same storm caused some roofs to come off, large
trees to fall and other self-standing structures such as signs and fences to come down, it is
unrealistic to expect the banners to hold under such conditions.  In such a case we would repair
what can be repaired at no charge and quote a cost for replacement of what cannot be repaired. If
during a strong wind event none of the above stated things or similar things occurred but your
banners failed, then the banners have genuinely failed because of materials and workmanship
and will be repaired at no cost to the client.

Street Decor recognizes that banner bracketing is the most important element in holding banners
in wind conditions.  Banners must be displayed so the banner is held taut to hold in extreme wind
conditions.  Street Decor banners must be displayed on FibreFlex bracketing systems or
approved bracketing systems to be covered under this warranty.
Wind tunnel tests have shown that wind slits do not release more than 5% of wind load and
weaken the overall strength of the fabric.  Street Decor banners will carry the three year warranty
against ink and fabric fading, but will not be covered if the fabric should tear at the location of the
wind slit.  Street Decor reserves the right to inspect banners that might have failed and on
notification of a failure will arrange to have the failed banners returned to our facility.  Cost of labor
to install or reinstall banners and brackets is not included in this warranty.

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