Southwestern Decor – Beautiful Must-Have’s For Your Southwest Home

Obviously, we’re big fans of all things southwestern decor here and so we spend a lot of time browsing for southwest decor furniture and accessories.  Here’s a few of our favorite items that we’ve stumbled across recently. We are firm believers that you should always begin your home decorating by finding the right rug. Patterns in rugs can be extremely complex and it can really hard to find a rug that matches the other pieces of furniture you have already purchased. So we’ll start with rugs and showcase a few of our rugs that are the most popular with our customers searching for southwestern decor…

Whiskey River Turquoise Rug

Old Crow Red Rug

Big Chief Blue Rug

Horse Thieves Brown Rug

Heritage Multi Rug

War Records Rug

Four Rams Rug

southwestern pillows

Southwestern patterned pillows can be a great addition to a bedroom with a bright Native American-inspired bedspread or a nice touch of flare to a more simple living room sofa.  I’ve also found that pillows like this can be great for making a dining room chair more interesting when it’s not in use.

southwestern wall art

Reclaimed wood patterned wall art is a creative way to bring a rustic feel to any space.  Every piece has a story and is an instant conversation starter.  There are tons of great designs and styles of this on Etsy.

dreamcatchersouthwest dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are an essential item for any southwestern/western decor lovers you know. They were first used by the Ojibwe people. They believed that the harvest would be bountiful that season if the feathers ruffled more than 5 times in one night.

southwestern vasesouthwestern vasesouthwestern vase

Hand painted vases like these are a great addition to a coffee table or to place upon the furniture in your entryway. You can place flowers in them for an extra bonus.  We recommend a nice Autumn Sage, Texas Red Yucca or Desert Sunflower.


southwestern chairsouthwestern chairswinging chairsouthwestern chair

These southwestern chairs and swings are also great. You don’t have to go full on western or southwestern decor in your entire home to take advantage of the flair that these can bring to a room.  Also, if you decide to add a swing like this to your bedroom, be sure to consult a professional.  You need a really sturdy configuration or you’ll take a chunk of your ceiling out when you try to swing on it.  Trust me — I’ve experienced it first hand.

Nothing says the American southwest quite like a baby cactus on the coffee table.

I just love this teepee shelf. It’s simple, but still elegant.  It’s a great home for that baby cactus that you’re looking at.



These hand-painted plates are a great addition to your kitchen set.  They’re great to pull out when you are feeling a bit whimsical or serving some southwest inspired meals.


A bench like this is a great addition to any entryway and,if you weather proof it, would be a great way to add some extra seating outside.  It looks like it came right of a little Catholic church, in the middle of a Texas desert.


These wicker baskets and bowls are a lot of fun.  Bonus points if you keep your snakes in them.

Southwestern Style Home Decor

Southwestern decor is a beautiful style that has been increasing in popularity recently. If you’re looking to create a sense of adventure and nostalgia in your home then the southwestern style might be just what you need. There is contemporary and classic southwestern style to choose between also. If you’re looking for style that is a bit more modern or minimalist then you may want to go the more contemporary route. However, the classic style is by far the more iconic. It should bring to mind images of intricately woven rugs, strewn across teepees and small cabins set across majestic landscapes.

When you start to think about adding the southwest style to your home, it’s important to think about the proper color palette. You want to focus on natural, Earth tones such as rust, sand, and dark browns. Then accenting those colors with brighter colors such as turquoise, indigo, bright reds and oranges, and deep greens. This is a good base for most people to start from. Remember, you don’t want to overdo it. That’s why, if you love at any of our rug designs, you’ll notice that we don’t go too heavy on having the accent colors dominate the subtler tones. It’s all about maintaining that balance of energy in the room. That’s how you put together a room that is will relax and calm you as you enjoy it.

Southwestern style mainly comes from the Native American tribes that lived in the American Southwest. They would adorn their homes with skulls from animals they hunted, use animal fur or weave various textiles to stay warm in the winter or decorate their homes, and create many beautiful, intricate, and vibrant pieces of art that were for various ceremonies or as simply a method of personal expression. But also, cowboys play a hand in the style. Southwestern and western style is often used interchangeably so you can think of images of spurs, sheriff stars, horses, cowboy hats, cowboy boots, etc. Southwestern style is steeped in such a rich and deep history that it can be endlessly fascinating to dive into if you have the time. The images and style that you find in these homes, comes from decades of history and culture.

We hope you didn’t mind us adding our own southwestern rugs to this round-up, but we’re really proud of our rugs here. They are inspired by the Native American tribes and natural landscapes of the American southwest.  We like to imagine our designs would be a fitting addition to the teepee of a great Native American chief. All of our rugs are available in 9 sizes on our shop page.  If you love southwestern decor, we think you’ll really like what we have to offer. And if you ever have any questions about our rugs, be sure to use the live chat in the bottom right and we’ll be with you in a jiffy.

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