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— Bookings Policy —

Big groups: If your party is proving popular and you have ten or more guests you are required to choose from one of our three set menus designed by our head chef. Our shared family style* environment will keep the food and conversation flowing. Lucky us, we’ve tried and tasted it all and know what’s great and will work for a group. All we need from you is confirmation of your numbers (as this is the amount you will be charged for on the night) and to let us know if any guests in your group have dietary requirements.

Things change: If extras want to join in or friends aren’t up for the occasion please be in touch with us so we can be ready and alter your booking number, we are small and popular so the number you book for is the number we need to charge for*.

Cancellations: If you need to cancel your booking or reduce your numbers, sniff sniff, please give us a call the day before.

Running late: We are only able to hold your table for 15 minutes, if you are going to be late please let us know so we can keep other socialites away from your table.

*Charged amount for a group is based on the set menu price per person. We’re sure your mates won’t let you down.

Whatever the occasion we will do everything we can to make it a social pleasure


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