Simsational Designs: Serenity Bathroom Set

Well, my new furniture set is finished, and again, i seem to time these right as milestone ‘gifts.’ Since that really isn’t the case because it takes me a while to put these together, this set and all future sets will be labelled as Custom Content Collections. This is my first bathroom, and was about time I actually made one. Little surprise its modern. My bathrooms are mostly modern as I love the tranquil feel it gives a small space.

What you should know:

  • Full bathroom set
  • Little weirdness with animation getting in and out of shower as it uses the tub/shower combo animation
  • To place the smaller side basins, press F5 to turn on 1/4 tile placement
  • Wood and solid basins separate as swatch order glitches with too many styles


  • 08/12/2017: Updated for C+D patch
  • 22/01/2017: I have updated the three broken mirrors so they will work properly in-game now.
  • 18/07/2016: Lighting updated for July patch, I have also fixed the double shower so it no longer gives the routing error when upgrading. 
  • 12/04/2016: Pedestal sink missing texture fixed
  • 26/03/2016: Toilet fixed and updated
  • 8/7/2019: Added LD version of hamper for those that wanted it, candle tuning and functionality updated, GF interactions added to mirrors, Strangerville functionality added, bathtub updated for mermaids
  • 23/11/2019 – Updated shower for new woohoo interaction. Double shower animation broke so shower needed to be remade using single shower design. Included new Single shower design as well

The Build/Buy items feature:

  • basegame compatibility
  • non-default
  • 29 meshes in total with between 1 and 40 colour/style options:
  • find items easily using phrase “Serenity” in search bar (try this tutorial to easily find my sets)
  • style (under “Modern” Filter) and colour filter compatible
  • custom thumbnails
  • Pricing  and polycount as follows:
    – Wood Cantilever Basin, $315, 576 polys
    – Solid Cantilever Basin, $314, 576 polys
    – Wood Basin Cabinet, $118, 114 polys
    – Solid Basin Cabinet, $117, 114 polys
    – Pedestal Sink, $175, 874 polys
    – Toilet, $852, 789 polys
    – Sculpted Bath, $955, 1284 polys

    – Double & Single Shower, $1850, 1217 polys
    – Toilet Paper, $40, 226 polys
    – Ladder Rack, $157, 888 polys
    – Hand Towel, $82, 492 polys

    – Hooked Towel, $101, 309 polys
    – Rolled Hand Towel Rack, $115, 712 polys

    – Horizontal Lattice Mirror, $1024, 440 polys
    – Vertical Lattice Mirror, $1024, 440 polys

    – Shaving Mirror, $65, 734 polys*
    – Soap Dish, $22, 288 polys
    – Tissue Box, $25, 224 polys
    – Toothbrush Holder, $47, 384 polys

    – Soap Dispenser, $42, 162 polys
    – Laundry Hamper, $107, 612 polys
    – Calathea, $75, 310 polys
    – Tropical Leaves, $98, 530 polys

    – New Zealand Flax, $119, 480 polys
    – Illuminating Sconce, $87, 352 polys
    – Faceted Lantern 01, $134, 656 polys*
    – Faceted Lantern 02, $133, 740 polys*
    – Faceted Lantern 03, $132, 980 polys*

*This content is considered high poly so use in moderation, or if you don’t think your computer can handle it, best to take these items out.

  • All the content you see in the pictures, apart from the curtains and flooring in picture 2) is mine or made by EA, so feel free to browse my downloads to find them. There is just too much of my own content to list when its easily accessible.

Now, there are 2 download links. One for a merged package, and another with all packages separate within a folder in a RAR archive. To install, extract the archive using WINZip/WinRAR/7Zip/Unarchiver and place the folder or package files in your mods folder, then look for them in your game. If you are having issues check out my Installing Content help page.


I have also uploaded the files individually below 

Download Individual Items:
Google Drive

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