Share what’s cookin’ in your quarantine kitchen

People are cooking at home more than ever due to the current stay-at-home orders.

Slingshot, or S-Concierge, a white-glove concierge team who partnered with AT&T for a personalized approach to providing home entertainment and cellular phone needs, is offering a nationwide give-back contest for the month of April, inspired by the effects of COVID-19.

To enter, individuals get creative and film a short 1- to 2- minute video, making their favorite quarantine recipe. Closing date is April 30, when 10 winners will be chosen to win $500 based on the following criteria: creativity, tastefulness and the ability of the S-Concierge team to recreate the recipes.

The contest was initially conceived with the idea that many of those affected right now are hospitality and service industry professionals. So, are you a bartender shaking up some new cocktail concoctions? Or perhaps you just finally have the time to actually test out one of those recipes that’s been sitting on your Pinterest board since you opened your account years ago. Regardless, have fun, film a short video and send it in for a chance to win.

Stephen Riggs and Brad Custred, from S-Concierge headquarters go into further detail about the contest from their own quarantine kitchen in this video:

For more information, visit S-Concierge on Instagram @slingshot_inc.

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