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The seed swap in early March was the last time that I was out in public, and today, because the weather is cold and rather miserable, I’m feeling a little caged in. Not so the plants in the garden, the rain has catapulted them into growth. Every year I intend to stake the perennials in my borders before their heads flop forward or their stems break in the wind. Oh, I’m full of good intentions! But once again I got round to thinking about it only when the growth was already lush and threatening to be out of control. The wind broke off two delphinium stalks and I went online to see what supports I could buy.

The new supports came this week and now the delphiniums have been crammed into tall peony cages – if I have to be on lock down I’m not going to do it alone!

I’ve contained poppies and peonies within metal cloches¬†

hopefully when they flower they will now face upwards.

Seeds from the seed swap are pushing through the soil. This is the Bullroyd Bean Pea, a heritage seed. One of the pleasures of swapping, apart from thriftiness (Yorkshire/Scottish blood speaking!) is that you can find varieties not available in the shops. I looked online to find out how tall these peas might grow and was delighted with the information that the peas came originally from the Bullroyd Allotment Garden Association, Barnsley. 

By eck!

Spuds are peeping and the shallots looking good.

It’s a promising time of year.

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