Save up to 20% on easy-care plants

These are the best Prime Day deals on live plants:

Prime Day has arrived, and the deals aren’t all TVs and laptops (though we’ve rounded up amazing deals on those, too). As of Oct. 13, Amazon is running a sale on live plants, offering up to 20% off several of our favorite easy-care options. 

Have you turned into a doting plant parent over the last few months? If you suddenly have heart eyes for every plant you see, why not add a few more to the collection? After all, plants brighten up any space and are generally great for the air, too.

Your roommates or family might tell you that you already have “too many” plants, but there’s really no such thing as too many. Pick up a new friend with these great deals on live plants. 

If you’re a budding plant parent looking to grow your collection, this is your deal. Succulents are some of the easiest and most low-maintenance plants to take care of (they only require a bit of water once every 2 weeks) so even a beginner will be able to properly care for these little guys. This pack would also be great to split up and give as gifts for the upcoming holidays. 

BEST FOR ROOMS WITH LOW LIGHT: Costa Farms Snake Plant — $22.39 (save 20% at checkout)

The super-trendy snake plant basically thrives when it’s forgotten, since it only needs watering when the top few inches of soil are dry. It can grow near a sunny windowsill or adapt to lower light, so it’s a great beginner plant no matter your home lighting situation.

This Sansevieria trifasciata is one of the best plants for air purifying, according to NASA. These guys are also known to be super hardy, so they’re the total package. 

BEST FOR FORGETFUL PLANT PARENTS: Costa Farms Aloe Vera — $16.79 (save 20% at checkout)

The Aloe Vera plant is super resilient, making it great for new plant owners. It only needs water every two to three weeks and grows nicely on a sunny windowsill. Plus, when the plant is big enough, you can actually harvest its leaves to add to juices or smoothies or use as a soothing ointment.

BEST FOR FLOWER LOVERS: Costa Farms Peace Lily — $23.99 (save 20% at checkout)

Although this plant will ship with no blooms, it’ll eventually grow beautiful white flowers. Peace lilies grow well in bright light, but they can also adapt to lower light — just make sure to keep the soil moist and mist it weekly, and you’ll keep your plant happy and healthy. 


This large palm works great as natural home decor. Fill up an empty wall or corner with a lush, dark green palm, and you’ll feel like the interior decorator of the year. It’s relatively low-maintenance — just water when the top few inches of the soil are dry. .

The ideal plant to hang from the ceiling in a cute macrame planter, this California ivy will grow long, trailing vines and bring a pop of color to any room. Ivies like to be kept dry, so they’re good for plant moms and dads who tend to under-water their plant children. Keep in bright, indirect light, and your ivy plant will grow up to six feet long.  

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