Places around MoHi to buy room necessities

As most students spend their college years living in Morningside Heights, it’s important to know all the supermarkets, office supply stores, and home decor shops nearby. Spectrum has put together a comprehensive list for convenient spots that will help make your dorm feel like home.


Appletree Market—Corner of Amsterdam Avenue and West 120th Street

Appletree is the smallest of Columbia’s nearby supermarkets, but it still has many options and a deli for quick meals. While you’re there, you might as well treat yourself to Dunkin’ right next door.

H Mart—Corner of Broadway and West 110th Street

Check out this Korean grocery store for the essentials like ramen or Pocky, or try something new from the plentiful variety of Asian foods available.

Morton Williams Supermarket—Corner of Broadway and West 115th Street

Morton Williams is the classic Columbia grocery store. Fill your dorm’s mini-fridge with all the essentials and stock up on snacks at this convenient location.

Westside Market—Corner of Broadway and West 110th Street

While this supermarket is generally more expensive than its neighbors, you can judge its prices after visiting its extensive collection of fresh meat, fish, fruits and vegetables, cheeses, and prepared foods.


Bed Bath & Beyond—Broadway between West 64th Street and West 65th Street

While there are two Bed Bath & Beyonds in Harlem and the Upper West Side, Spectrum is including the Lincoln Center location instead. This one is designated to hold college dorm essentials since it’s significantly larger than the Harlem location. During NSOP, there will be free shuttle buses taking students to this department store so that they can pick up packages shipped to that location before move-in.

P.C. Richard & Son—West 125th Street between St. Nicholas Avenue and Frederick Douglass Boulevard

If you don’t mind a 15-minute walk, P.C. Richard & Son is a well-known and useful store for new furniture, electronics, and other appliances to make your dorm feel more like home.


Duane Reade—Corner of Broadway and West 111th Street

Also called Walgreens in other states, Duane Reade is the closest pharmacy and convenience store to Columbia. Here, you can get medicine as well as toiletries, snacks, and a quick present for that one friend’s birthday that you forgot about.

CVS—Corner of Broadway and West 110th Street

CVS is only one block down from Duane Reade and sells mainly the same products. However, you might opt to use this convenience store if that’s your insurance’s pharmacy or if you have some sort of loyalty to the brand—no judgment.

Hartley Pharmacy—Corner of Amsterdam Avenue and West 120th Street

If you’re searching for a convenience store with a mom-and-pop feel, head to the northeast corner of Columbia to Hartley Pharmacy and support a local business.


Columbia University Bookstore—Alfred Lerner Hall

The bookstore is a go-to stop for Columbia merchandise, from dorm decor to clothes to fill your closet. It also sells school supplies and a variety of books. However, most people can attest that even though items are of good quality, they are overpriced.

Ivy League Stationers—Broadway between West 115th Street and West 116th Street

While this store primarily functions as a print shop, it’s a great place to find adequately-priced Columbia memorabilia as well as notebooks, pens, and other school supplies with extra discounts at the beginning of each semester. Decorate your dorm with banners, postcards, and office supplies while showing your school spirit.

University Hardware & Housewares—Broadway between West 113th Street and West 114th Street

Likely the most-frequented shop by Columbia students, this family-owned store has about every product you could imagine. Halloween props, pest control devices, stationary—you name it! If you’re in need of something for your dorm room, check University Hardware first.

These stores will help you live easy at the University no matter when you move in, but we hope to see everyone soon! For now, stay safe, Columbia and Barnard.

Staff writer Ariana Novo can be contacted at [email protected]. Follow Spectator on Twitter @ColumbiaSpec.

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