Oklahoma woman tests positive for COVID-19 after found dead in her bathroom

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma woman’s death was sudden, and while doctors are still working to figure out why, they uncovered she was positive with COVID-19.

Her family in Lawton tells KFOR they had no idea.

“I am like what am I going to do when I need to talk to my sister?” Jane Fairchild asked.

Long talks on the phone are just one of the many memories Jane Fairchild will miss about her big sister Sandra McKinnon.

“She sounded fine,” Jane said. “She didn’t sound sick at all.”

72 hours after they hung up, the 64-year-old was found lifeless and alone.

Jane was with her husband, Richard, when the gut-wrenching call came in.

“She passed away in the bathroom, and according to the coroner, she had been there a few days,” Richard Fairchild said. “Sunday she was here and by Wednesday she was gone.”

The family is left confused and medics are still unsure about the cause of death.

Then, a few days later, another call from the coroner came in.

“They did the COVID-19 test and they called and told me, ‘Oh, she had COVID-19 in her system,” Jane said.

Now, they are grieving with too many questions to count and without a chance to say goodbye.

“If someone says, ‘Don’t worry about COVID-19,’ you better worry about COVID-19,” Jane said.

But Jane is still wondering why the cry for help never came from Sandra.

“She didn’t want to be a bother to anybody,” Jane said. “She didn’t want to say she was sick. She would give you the shirt off her back if you wanted her to.”

The family says they are now forced to wait a month for the full toxicology report to come back.

Sandra did suffer from high blood pressure and a heart condition.

Also, a woman Sandra was living with tested positive for COVID-19 and recovered from the virus at the hospital.

Click here to help Sandra’s family pay for her cremation.

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