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Murano glass tradition was originally born in Venice, Italy, and only subsequently moved to the Island of Murano. Here, the production of artistic glass in historical glass factories follows nowadays traditional techniques that have been passed on for generations by glass masters, guaranteeing high quality decorative glass products for the most elegant houses of the world.

Art glass creations such as vases, bowls and sculptures are timeless home objects capable to decorate any space and adapt to any home decor style, while traditional mirrors and collectible goblets have decorated luxury living rooms and dining rooms of houses all over the world for centuries. With their classic design and decorations, glassware sets are instead the perfect way to surprise your guests at any dinner. To be the owner of an authentic Murano creation, whether classic or modern, means not only that you love and appreciate its beauty, but also that you own a Made in Italy object of inestimable value.

Venetian glass is unicity and exclusiveness: no object results equal to the others. We pride ourselves on the expertise of our Murano glassmakers, who will carefully craft every single object themselves. This handmade production allows the creation of tailor-made and custom-designed creations based on any customer desires, requirements or sketches. Like any other creative and successful artworks, authentic Murano glass creations are subjected to imitation attempts. To prevent so, and to guarantee the high quality of our glass art products, YourMurano only sells “Vetro Artistico® Murano” mark of origin certified products. This is the only worldwide existing trademark that legally certifies the original products from the famous Murano island, ensuring that they’re produced following expert glassmakers ancient techniques and using only traditional materials.

The way Venetian republic hand-blown glass influences and improves your home interior design is absolutely incredible: the tradition and the passion put in every object make glass of Venice the best option to embellish your house, offering a wide variety of decorative objects and styles. Your bathroom’s atmosphere can, for example, improve its unicity thanks glass mirrors, that will also certainly make it more elegant. This room can also be illuminated by glass appliqués and lamps, that will make your lightning undeniably special.

The elegance of Murano blown glass‘s tradition is probably best shown in bedrooms, where a great variety of art glass objects can be put and appreciated. The most common choice for this kind of spaces are probably glass chandeliers, but the design of your room can certainly be made better by traditional glass mirrors and glass wall-lamps too.

Venice’s glass making tradition could be beneficial to your kitchen, that could also be decorated with amazing objects coming from the history of glass: if that’s the case, a good option is represented by blown glass vases. What makes them so good is probably the easiness of finding one of these glass objects that matches your kitchen: the variety of their styles really is incredible. Displaying wonderful decorative hand-blown bowls and incredible decorative glass plates in this room can make it absolutely original.

Above all, any Murano glass collection of products is exclusiveness: whether for you or for a gift idea, it’s a symbol of elegance for any event or important anniversary. For example, an original glass object is a perfect wedding gift idea to surprise both the bride and the groom. 

The glassware sets will surely impress your guests and make your dining room unique: the elegance of glass tumblers and flutes will certainly light up your table and improve the atmosphere of your house. From colorful hand-blown decorative eggs to luxurious glass decorative bowls and plates. centerpieces really play an important role in glass blowing tradition, that displays a wide variety of these handcrafted objects.
The range of the styles of colored glass centerpieces is so wide and diverse that it’s not difficult to match the colors and the style of any room. The traditional charm of well-known glass goblets will certainly add an elegant and original touch to your dining room.

Thanks to their fame and quality, our Murano glass selection of pieces is also suited to be an excellent and original corporate gift for customers and suppliers, to make sure that your business will be remembered.The space that best shows the artistic value of Venice’s blown glass, is probably your living room. Even if these objects could be in a glass museum, they can make special every single room in your house, the living room probably fits best a type of object that really highlights the artistic importance: glass sculptures. These hand-blown objects, that can be used to make your living room absolutely unique, are extremely different one from the other in terms of shape, size, color and style, like animal sculptures, abstract glass sculptures or human figures, but they all have one thing in common: from the more luxurious ones, that will add an elegant touch to your home decor, to the most colorful and cheerful decorative glass objects, they will all make your living room’s atmosphere absolutely original. 

Blown glass creations don’t only mean home decoration. Murano Glass Jewelry such as beaded necklaces, bracelets or earrings, are timeless fashion accessories that make any person look even more elegant and original.  Our glass picture frames and decorative glass figurines (such as hand-blown glass bowls, plates and glass eggs) are one of the best options to make this room enrich the atmosphere of your living room. Last but not least, glass lighting and wall-lamps can be a good choice to illuminate your living room, and to give a touch of traditional Venetian uniqueness to your house.

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