Minimaliste Houses tiny home on wheels, the $115,949 lofted Magnolia V6

  • Minimaliste Houses has unveiled its latest tiny home on wheels built on its Magnolia base, the Magnolia V6.
  • A typical Magnolia tiny home starts at around $97,195, but the V6 build totals to around $115,949.
  • The tiny home has a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, storage loft, and living room that doubles as a workspace, 
  • Extra luxurious amenities include a dishwasher, hidden cat litter box, dishwasher, and a washer and dryer, to name a few.
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Quebec-based Minimaliste Houses has unveiled its latest tiny home on wheels, the Magnolia V6.

The tiny home is based on Minimaliste’s Magnolia, one of the company’s several base builds that clients can select from as a starting point. According to Minimaliste’s YouTube video tour of the V6, the exterior looks the same as a typical Magnolia build, but the interior has been completely redesigned to fit the needs of the client who ordered the build.

The base layout of the Magnolia — which the company calls its “park model” — sits at around 385 square feet with a  10.5-foot by 36.5-foot floorplan. This measurement allows the tiny unit to fit all of the traditional home basics, such as a living room, kitchen and dining space, bedroom, bathroom, and a lofted area.

Since its conception, the Magnolia build has become one of Minimaliste Houses’ most popular tiny home builds with a price tag starting at $97,195. However, this price can rise depending on different custom adjustments, which can be seen in the newly designed Magnolia V6 for $115,949.

Keep scrolling to see the inside of the latest Mangolia V6:

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