Mera Kitchen Free Community Meals Support

The Mera Kitchen Community Meals project is our effort to provide our favorite hot meals to those in need during these uncertain times. We started this project with a goal of serving 1,400 meals in a week. As of April 17, we have served over 10,500 meals to community members and frontline health workers. We continue to receive more requests each day. Thank you for allowing us to sustain these efforts.

All of our workers will be compensated, as we are trying to keep generating income for those who need it most.

Mera Kitchen Collective is a worker cooperative focused on the empowerment of Baltimore’s refugees and immigrants through food entrepreneurship. We exist to share our incredible food with members of our community. We believe that promoting equitable access to opportunities, building community, and providing living wages are the keys to long-term self-determination, independence, and happiness.

The funds raised in this campaign will go toward paying our chefs to prepare meals for community members. Our goal is based on direct requests for assistance. Funds will also go toward renting our kitchen space (we rent from another small business in Baltimore which was recently forced to close two of their stores). Finally, funds will be used to procure ingredients needed to prepare meals. If we’re able to secure food donations, we can use more funds to pay more workers and prolong the project. We truly thank you for your support. With love, The Mera Team

Please note, donations are NOT tax deductible. For information on how to make a tax-deductible donation, please email us at [email protected].

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