Marketing Kitchen

A note from Audrey:

In 1999 I had the good fortune to join The FSA Group, a company founded by my brother Rob van Velzen and I immediately fell in love with the print, fulfillment and direct mail business. What I enjoyed most of all was working closely with clients and helping them succeed by providing services they needed. I learned early on that if you do excellent work and provide clients with exceptional service, you can forge a lasting relationship that benefits everyone. In 2011, in the prime of his life, Rob had to sell FSA after being diagnosed with cancer. I was fortunate to have had so many amazing years working alongside such a great visionary and leader.

I opened Marketing Kitchen in the Spring of 2014 as a I knew that a smaller more entrepreneurial environment is where I thrived. In the final stages of launching the business I was able to acquire the assets of Yvelo Mailing Services, a small direct mail shop that had my identical customer service beliefs.  I could tell the moment I walked into their shop that they did great work for great clients, so it was the perfect acquisition with impeccable timing.

It’s very exciting to work in a flexible and fresh environment where we focus daily on innovation, quality, service and having a bit of fun.

— Audrey Jamieson

P.S. I’m always asked why the name “Marketing Kitchen”. To me the kitchen is the one place where people like to gather, collaborate and create, and that’s exactly what we do here at Marketing Kitchen.

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