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The flowers are blooming, and spring is upon us! That means
that one of my favorite holidays is fast approaching…yes Holi!  I love the spirit of Holi with its fun,
festive and colorful spirit. I especially enjoy playing with my grandchildren
during this time.  It keeps me young even
though time is passing by quickly. Spending time with my grandchildren during
this festive time really brings back a lot of fun memories from my
childhood.  My parents loved celebrating
holidays and making it very special for us. 
It always makes me feel happy thinking of those times. 

Of course, these wonderful holidays allow me to spend more
time in my favorite place at home – the kitchen!  These holidays and celebrations are not
complete without delicious food. As a young child, I can vividly remember the
whole neighborhood filled with delicious aromas in preparation for Holi.  My mother would make a variety of finger
foods because it was easy to share with friends and neighbors.

This year Holi falls on March 9th and 10th.   In India, Holi is a time where people of all
different backgrounds come together and celebrate.  A bonfire is typically prepared the night
before Holi. The next day family, friends, and neighbors play together with
specially prepared colored powders. These powders are called “gulal”
and colored water is playfully splashed on each other as well.   Of course, this is my grandchildrens’
favorite holiday to celebrate!

In preparation for Holi, here are some of my favorite snacks to prepare: 


Crispy Shakarpara

Nariyal Ka Ladoo


Nimki (Salted Fried Crackers)

Khasta Kachori

Khasta Kachori

Kesar Peda

Kesar Peda

Here’s to wishing everyone a wonderful Holi this year!

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