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The Challenges and Rewards of Mapping the Naturalistic Garden

Maps that are rich in detail help us communicate the complexity and evolution of our dynamic garden. Lurie Garden is intended to be an ever-changing, dynamic planting. The evolving relationships between plant groups and their role in the overall design requires…

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Cutting Back on the Cut-back

The mowing down of the garden in spring used to be straightforward – a crew would ride mulching mowers around the garden to make a clean palette for the anticipated crocus and tulips. While Lurie Garden’s first priority is maintaining the garden’s design beauty and…

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How to Maintain the Initial Vision of a Landscape in the Midst of its Evolution

The initial vision of a constructed space can be maintained as it evolves if the original creators remain involved to help steer changes. Landscapes in public spaces evolve through multiple influences. A site’s mission, funding, or management can shift this evolution….

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