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The humble candle has undergone a massive transformation in the past few years. What was once a mere household necessity for when the lights went out, today is an indulgent luxury item. From being lit for cultural purposes to being a home decor staple, candles have come a long way, and the market for candles has grown by leaps and bounds. From encrusted statement piece to dainty ones in pastel hues, there seems to be a candle for every occasion.  

The best part is that multiple pieces of research state that scents and fragrances play a crucial role to uplift your mood. Science and studies state that essential oils have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that help you to keep your home germs free by using them regularly. So yes, lighting a candle does seem to be good for the mind and body.

Nothing beats the simple pleasure of lighting a vanilla-scented candle while reading a classic and enjoying a rich cup of coffee. And of course, a bubble bath at home paired with a glass of chilled Sauvignon blanc along with a minty candle is perhaps the most effective way to distress after a long day, and it’s certainly cheaper than the spa too!

Candles In Home Decor
Candles somehow complete a space and make it more warm and welcoming. You can line up a few here and there or cluster them or choose big ones with different heights and stylish holders. There are a zillion things you can do with it, and there’s really no stopping when it comes to candles.


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Here’s how you can use them:

Kitchen and dining: Pick out light, refreshing fragrances that’ll completely wipe out any smells of the previous meal and leave your kitchen smelling heavenly. You can also use them on the dining table and make a centre-piece out of it at your next dinner soiree. “Candles are my go-to element to enhance any dinner table set up or a sit-down dinner table runner. There’s nothing classier than a mix of tall and short candles with fresh greens and florals to uplift the mood at a dinner party. What’s even better is that it’s the easiest way to bring a touch of elegance in any setup,” shares Saanya Sharma, co-founder, Three Entertainment, a wedding decor agency.

Bedroom: Your bedroom is your haven and your place for relaxation, so it’s essential to pick out a fragrance that soothes you and helps you calm down instantly. “Candles play a big role in the mood of the individual and especially at a time like this, it’s essential to have a few around to help keep calm. A Zoom date/anniversary celebration is just cosier with a little scent of cherry blossom or wisteria around,” adds Sharma.

Bathroom: A bathroom done right can be a beautiful relaxing space. All of us like to unwind every once in a while and what better way than to draw up a bubble bath and light up a soothing candle. Sharma notes, “A few fragrances that could go well to add to a relaxing experience overall are – eucalyptus and citrus but something more unusual could be a mix of black-current and rose or bamboo and green tea depending on the occasion that can make any bathroom smell fresh.”


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DIY Candle Jars
Decorating your spaces with candles doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Candle jars make as lovely props and are a great homemade gifting idea too! Sharma shares how you can easily make pretty looking candle jars at home with just a few items:

  • Take a mason jar empty jar and keep the lid away. Ensure its washed and dried off completely.
  • Add the items you’d like to decorate the candle with. You can use items that you have lying around at home such as wine corks, seashells, wooden sticks or even spices like cinnamon and star anise.
  • Fill half the jar with water or 3/4th of the jar, depending on the elements added.
  • Add ½ to 1-inch layer of oil on top.
  • Place your floating wick in the centre, and you have yourself a candle jar.

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