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This might not qualify as the most gasp-worthy renovation post I’ve ever done, but there are still a few goodies left to be seen at the ol’ 9th flip!

You’ve seen how it looked before we got hold of it, and we’ve also shown you the “afters” of the exterior, entryway, dining room, kitchen and the bathrooms – now it’s time to check out the rest of this cute home.

One of the best parts of this house is the giant living room – no out-dated formal living rooms here, this is the perfect family hang-out space!  Well, maybe you can’t see it right now…

9th Flip - During

Our 9th Flip - Before

Our 9th Flip - Before

The living room is at the back of the house, and connects to the entryway (where that pink tile is peeking out on the far left of the photo above), the kitchen (at the back of the photo, with the wallpaper and wainscoting), the backyard (through the windows…obviously), and the master suite and an additional guest suite (through a little vestibule where this photo was taken).

Ah, here’s a superb photo of the side of the living room that connects to the entryway and bedrooms.  😉

9th Flip - During

There are some killer built-in bookshelves that line the wall backing to the dining room.

Our 9th Flip - Before

The room was rather dark when we first encountered it, so we knew that the paneling would need a coat of fresh white paint to brighten things up.  We also added some new recessed lighting…

9th Flip - During

…and laid down hardwood floors.

Entry, Dining Room, Exterior & Staircase - Our 9th Flip

The new buyers put a contract on this house before we finished renovating it, so they were able to make a few requests along the way (like the kitchen counters and a few paint colors).  One of their changes was to expand the opening between the kitchen and the living room.  To be honest, I didn’t really think it was necessary since the opening was already pretty wide, but I was TOTALLY proven wrong!

widening the opening

You can see in the top left photo above that we were able to expand the opening by about 3 feet – and since the kitchen and living room aren’t really “open concept” by today’s standards, this change went a long way towards modernizing the flow of this house (and enabling the new buyers to keep an eye on their little girl!).

Here’s a side-by-side comparison so you can see how much larger that opening actually is.

side by side opening

Good decision, buyers!

So are you ready to see how the living room looked after it got the royal treatment?

Here she is, all fresh and pretty and ready for her new owners:

After - IGTBH Flip 9

Isn’t it so much brighter?

After - IGTBH Flip 9

(You’re not crazy, that outlet is totally crooked in the floor.  It’s driving me nuts, too, but there was nothing we could do about it – it was installed in the slab that way when the house was built!  Sigh.)

Here’s how that enlarged opening looks from the kitchen/breakfast room:

After - IGTBH Flip 9

And finally, here’s how those glorious bookshelves turned out:

After - IGTBH Flip 9

I’m secretly jealous of anyone with built-ins.  We have a serious lack of display space in our current house and it’s starting to drive me crazy!  What I could do with those bookshelves…

I didn’t really take any “after” photos of the bedrooms, but you can use your imagination there – they’re square rooms that are painted gray.  There.  🙂

So that means that the last stop on the 9th flip tour is the staircase that leads to the 2nd floor.  It started out looking okay, but we knew it could be SO much better.

Our 9th Flip - Before

Here it is awaiting a new window, and without that fancy green carpet:

9th Flip - During

And here’s the glorious “after,” all bright and happy! 

After - IGTBH Flip 9

That’s all, folks!  What do you guys think of the 9th flip?  The thing that I love most about this house is the layout (which, of course, you can’t see in photos), but it’s just so darn livable – I could see our family there.

Now that we’ve wrapped up the 9th flip, I should probably wrap up the 10th flip!  Be on the lookout for the final rooms of that flip soon…

P.S. Thanks to those of you that left sweet comments on the Saturday Style post – y’all are the best!

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