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If you interesting in false ceiling pop designs, suspended ceiling, Drop ceiling designs, fall ceiling and LED lighting or LED lights, there are many of our catalog of false ceiling pop designs for all rooms and interior home, if you want to see some of it follow below links:

Also, there are more of false ceiling designs at International Decor site you can detect it by yourself 🙂

Very popular today are false, multi-level ceilings. Making repairs, be it a small or large apartment, people want an unusual beauty and comfort. If you have a repair and you are thinking how to come up with the ceiling of the apartment itself, I would like to offer you some ideas, I think they will help you with ideas. 

unique false ceiling pop design with LED lighting 2018

If you plan on the original, as well as non-standard office lighting, conference hall or a shop, you can try LED lighting installation which long been popular throughout the world. LED lighting is very economical and pays off in less than a year of operation, as it is used not only inside the buildings, such as the lighting of schools, hospitals, offices, and shops, but also outside them.

False ceiling pop designs LED ceiling lighting ideas 2018
round ceiling pop design with LED lighting for living room

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