How to decorate your kitchen countertops & Unclutter kitchen

The following tips will help you unclutter the kitchen and answer – How to decorate your kitchen countertops with small appliances for better cooking experience?

Preparing a meal in a cluttered kitchen can be stressful. Regardless of the size of the kitchen, we always have a shortage of counter space. Often the kitchen appliances purchased are more of a hindrance than simplifying the food preparations. Getting rid of such appliances can make the kitchen calm and that is how to decorate your kitchen countertops with small appliances for a better cooking experience.

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Keeping only frequently used tools

Take out the countertop, make a list of appliances that are used for a single purpose and move them to a store rather even drop to clean up the clutter. Except for appliances like coffee makers or a toaster; they are single-purpose but used frequently on a daily basis. Only keep those tools that are frequently used either if only serves multi needs on a regular basis such as a food processor. As they are multipurpose and have features like blending too. Another example can be a stand mixer that has similar features such as hand-mixer. Similarly, the deep pot of stove can be used as a replacement of fryer.

Drop appliances bought through TV promotions

Drop all of the TVC appliances you have purchased as they are often useless and space consuming. Only the marketers sold them to you as a solution to their self-made issues rather than anything realistic. Therefore, either you are going to use the products once per year or several. Further, many products come under the first rule as they are used for the only purpose, for example, a hot dog grill. I believe you’re familiar with the commercial tag line, “But wait, there’s more” that means you need double space. Stop for once and ask yourself do you actually need double stirrers?

Get rid off seasonal stuff

The storeroom is better than a kitchen countertop for the appliances that are used once or twice in the entire season that is four months. An appliance that is used on a regular basis only deserves the countertop of the kitchen. For example, there is no reason an icecream maker is placed on the kitchen countertop when it is winter now. So, it’s time to reconsider either move such appliances to safe and clean storage.

Reconsider the electrical equipment

Many manufacturers are releasing daily tools by adding electrical options to them to get an extra marketing edge by calling them smart. For example, a smart bottle opener, grill, or frying pans and they claim the tools to be more efficient. Maybe they are but the truth is, they’ll come with a long power supply cable and suddenly you are going to need a power cord in kitchen countertop to use them. Overall they’ll engage more space than an old fashioned opener while being similarly efficient to the conventional manual can opener. Therefore, replace such stuff and truly speaking a manual can opener is better as they save power and works fine in power cuts too.

Drop the tools meant for Eggs

Simply drop everything that meant to process eggs such as egg slicers, cookers, scrambler, separating tools, etc. in a word worthless. Most of them are cheap plastic, non-friendly to dishwashers, rather very sticky and hard to clean off. Actually, for eggs, a pot or good frying pan is better than anything so sort it right now.


I hope the article will help you to clean off the cluttered kitchen countertop and answered – How to decorate your kitchen countertops with small appliances? That can be done simply by keeping only multipurpose and regularly used tools. For electrical appliances try to position them near an electrical outlet so you don’t need to move them frequently while cooking. By making these simple changes one can bring back the calmness to their kitchen and that is how to decorate your kitchen countertops with small appliances for a better cooking experience.

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