Home Improvement

Home improvement is not about drilling, wallpaper and floor change, remodeling, etc. Home improvement, to a great extent, is also furniture and appliances.

To perfectly match the color of the interior, to save space, to hide some drawbacks, you have to mix and match all the details when choosing sofas, tables, chairs, fridges, ovens, dish and cloth washers, etc.

To make sure the home improvement project takes place once a few years and all the items serve you long as well, you have to shop among well known and renowned retailers and brands.

You may consider Maytag, LG, Whirlpool, or Bosch, for example, for your appliance needs, whereas, Aaron’s Furniture, Bob’s Discount Furniture, Ikea, Pottery Barn, for furniture and other interior accessories.

Maytag appliance range is limited to four categories: laundry, refrigeration, cooing, dish washers, and kitchen suites.

Kitchen suites are sets of several above mentioned items and are subdivided based on the performance level.

Appliances are an expensive investment so it is vital to be careful with the brand you choose. For example, Maytag has recently more than 1.7 million dishwashers because of a fire danger. Based on consumer reports and complaints, the Consumer Product Safety Commission forced Whirlpool’s unit to ‘extract’ all the items under such brands as Maytag, Jenn-Air, Amana, Magic Chef, Admiral, Performa by Maytag and Crosley dishwashers with plastic tubs. The recall concerned all the dishwashers which have been sold over the past four years. Customers paid $250 – $900 per item, experiences, inconveniences and damages because of fires and now have to give their purchases up, hopefully for reimbursement or at exchange for a new item.

Dishwasher is a great invention, which considerably facilitates household duties and saves time, and keeps dishes clean, even though it consumes too much energy. Based on this example I want to make sure that you purchase a good one and stay satisfied with it.

If properly chosen and used, this kitchen appliance can live a long life, up to 10 years.

In most cases dishwashers are not primary appliance in your kitchen, they come last on your list. That is why you may not think through enough place for it. That is why manufacturers today offer a selection of different sized items in this product category.

Since, dishwashers are no new appliance on the market, it means that their functions are quiet developed and extensive. Maytag, for example, boasts stainless steel food choppers to prevent food remnants to block the dishwasher. You have to remember that European manufacturers use filters instead of choppers, this is a little outdated since you have to constantly clean or replace those filters.

Now, let’s get back to the power consumption criterion: if you choose electricity efficient dishwashers you are about to save 40% on your electric bill. ENERGY STAR label ensures 10% lower energy consumption than those machines that do not bare such a label. In the online based ratings, Whirlpool and its unit Maytag, take the 8th place in terms of energy efficiency.

Shop around, read consumer reports, news and ratings, compare appliance brands and make the best of your shopping experience!


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