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Whether you’re sick of your kitchen or just in need of a rewarding project, these easy kitchen DIYs are sure to spice up your dull days at home.

Open a window and allow fresh air and sunlight into a quarantined space. It won’t just help make your place feel fresher, it’ll also make your home healthier.

On the latest episode of “Flipping 101,” Tarek El Moussa helps a bickering couple with one of their first flips—and encounters a kitchen pantry problem they must fix.

With the right atmosphere and essential office supplies, you can stay on task and make the best of your work-from-home situation.

On the latest episode of “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” Jonathan and Drew Scott remove a second bathroom. Here’s why this move makes sense.

As the days of self-isolation tick by, we’re finding our work-from-home situations unsustainable. It’s time to spruce up the home office with these snazzy ideas.

Even during a pandemic you can’t put off what needs to be done in the garage, so take this abundance of time at home to tackle a few quick projects.

Right now, our homes need to be oriented toward comfort and usability. Designers are ready to shift away from the once-coveted minimalist vibe.

If you forgot something—or if the store’s out of the very thing you went there to buy—don’t despair: These items you might already have on hand will do the trick.

As you work from home during the pandemic, the number of devices on your home network may be draining precious bandwidth and creating other issues.

Don’t get carried away with panic buying everything you see—here’s what you’ll really need for an extended stay at home. 

When you can’t go out, you may find yourself wishing you could improve the scenery indoors. Here are some easy DIY projects to give your home a …

Sit back and imagine transforming your outdoor space with these inspirational design ideas. 

If you want some extra assurance that you’re doing all you can to stay safe, here are several things you can do to protect your home in case …

Maybe your space needs a refresh, but you don’t want to drop the cash on a renovation. Try one of these upgrades instead!

Believe it or not, houseplants go in and out of style. Here are a few that are past their prime—and what you should have in your home instead …

Grab the disinfectant and learn the most effective ways to sanitize the worst culprits for germs in your home. 

These creepy-crawlies might just creep you out, but centipedes are basically harmless. Still, their presence in your home may indicate another …

It’s super easy to spruce up your home with seasonal decor and lighting. Grab some greenery and get to it! 

Give your front door some holiday cheer by decking it out with a holiday bow. It’s super easy to do! 

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