Home Improvement for Bathroom Remodel and Kitchen Remodel

Our home remodeling and home improvement experts can give your project individual attention. We offer affordable prices! Mastercraft home remodeling contractor will deliver your home improvements with care. You will feel confident in the work we do. We can transform your dreams into reality. You will work with the Owner and Operator. No Games. No Gimmicks. No Middleman! Call today for the information you need. We can handle recessed LED lighting, other lighting, and kitchen cabinets. We offer shower remodeling, wall removal, carpets, and tile floors. We also offer paint, wood garage doors, air conditioning service, or home remodeling. We specialize in manufactured homes, mobile homes, and brick and mortar homes. We do repairs too!

Questions that Mastercraft can answer for you:

How do I find a contractor to remodel my home?: We recommend the following steps. Clearly Define Your Home Remodeling Project. Ask Homeowners in Your Neighborhood for recommendations. Look at Google and Yelp Online Reviews. Get estimates from all the local contractors who have strong reviews. A busy contractor can be a good sign. Trust your instincts about the vendor. Go with a pro. We recommend having Mastercraft Home Improvement on your home improvement shortlist.


How long does it take to get an estimate from a contractor? That depends on the quality of the contractor. They should be able to schedule an appointment within a few days and give you a quote during the visit or the day after.


How much does an Alumawood patio cover cost? Many variables affect the cost of an Alumawood patio cover. The size, material, and distance between supports are the primary factors impacting price. Mastercraft Home Improvement can provide a ballpark quote over the phone. This is especially easy if you are already aware of your choices.


How much does it cost to redo kitchen cabinets? Kitchen cabinet’s cost mostly dependent on material and design. MasterCraft can schedule a quote for you immediately.


Is Alumawood better than wood? Alumawood is not subject to rot like wood. It is not an organic product, so it does not require the same care and maintenance costs over the product’s life.


What is the cheapest way to remodel a bathroom? Mastercraft can help you find lower-cost ways to remodel your bathroom. We could use low cost lookalike materials. We would paint your wooden floor rather than replacing them. We can refinish the bathtub rather than getting a new one. We would upgrade your cabinets with new hardware. Finally we can install a new bathroom sink faucet, and install pre-fabricated showers.

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