Home Decor Refresh on a Budget- Using What You Already Have

Due to COVID-19, a lot of us are stuck inside our homes. If you’re anything like me, staying at home just makes you see that you want a home decor refresh. You need just a few changes to just to spruce up the place a bit. Sometimes just little changes can make a space feel completely new and fresh.

The only problem is because we’re stuck at home, a lot of us have had to tighten our budgets. Plus, stores aren’t open.

Despite our circumstances, there are ways you can have a home decor refresh without spending money and without shopping!

Simply use things you already have around your home to spruce things up and give spaces in your home a fresh new look.

Here are 7 different items that you might already have at home that you can incorporate into your home decor to give your home a refreshed look!


1. Dish Cloths and Dish Towels

When I switched over from a lavender to a lemon kitchen, I didn’t think I had ANYTHING to incorporate into my kitchen to make the switch.

Then I started looking around my house for anything I could find that was yellow or that I could fit into this style. I found old dish cloths and towels that were tucked in the back of the drawer and they were yellow. How perfect!

Home Decor Refresh Dish Cloths

I found ways to tuck them into my decor and display so they brought in that extra yellow pop that I was looking for.

You can do this in any room! Do you have any cloths or towels that might match some of the rooms in your home? Drape them over your decor. Use them as a base underneath items. Wrap them around a bouquet of faux flowers.

Home Decor Refresh Dish ClothsHome Decor Refresh Dish Cloths


2. Throw Blankets

If you know me, you know throw blankets are my love language. If you get me one, we can be best friends. Really, that’s all it takes! I love to curl up in them.

I also love to use them as staples in our home decor. When I shop for throw blankets, I look for ones that are soft and cozy, but also ones that will match a specific room or style.

I drape them over chairs, couches, beds, ottoman, bench and throw them in baskets. Sometimes just moving the blankets around to a different room or space can be a great home decor refresh!

Throw Blanket on ChairThrow Blanket on OttomanThrow Blanket on BenchThrow Blanket on Bed

3. Books

Using books to display in your decor is so simple and inexpensive. I pull out books that have pretty covers (in this case, you do have to judge a book by its cover) and colors that match a room.

Old books work so well for this, but I’ve also used new books or even notebooks! Just putting them out to display can spruce up an area in your home, fill a space, or give the room a classic feel.

Home Decor Refresh Using BooksHome Decor Refresh Using Books

If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen, try displaying a pretty cookbook you might have lying around. If you have a farmhouse style, I see a lot of people place Joanna Gaines’ cookbooks in their kitchens and it looks gorgeous.


4. Dishes and Cookware

Specifically in the kitchen or dining room, serving dishes can be used in so many ways within your home decor. I have a serving bowl that I put my faux lemons in and a pitcher to hold a bouquet of flowers. Use cutting boards or rolling pins. I also incorporate pretty or simple mugs throughout the our kitchen.

Serving Dishes in Home DecorMugs for Home Decor


5. Candles

There are so many beautiful candles out there and I’m sure you have some kicking around. I have been given some that are beautiful, but the scent is not my style. So I would never want to burn them, but I try to use them in my home decor.

Home Decor Refresh Using CandlesHome Decor Refresh Using Candles

I try to put them in different spots that I know will match our home. My favorite place to get candles is TJ Maxx. They have gorgeous candles and I love a lot of their scents. My favorite brand to buy from them is Scentsational. These candles are simple, but beautiful and they are my favorite scents! They’re the only candles I burn in our house.

Scentsational Candle

6. Pictures

My mother-in-law owns a GORGEOUS lavender farm. To say I was blessed when I married into this family is an understatement! We have been able to use a lot of her lavender products to have a spa-worthy feeling bathroom.

I had a friend who visited my mother-in-law’s farm and took some gorgeous photos of the lavender and mailed them to me. I wanted to find a way to use these photos so I framed them and placed them on the shelves in our bathroom.

Framed LavenderFramed Lavender

It was such an easy, budget friendly touch!

Do you have any pictures you could frame? You could even look through books or magazines and find some gorgeous photos in there to frame. It might just add the texture and vivid pop that your space needs to have a nice home decor refresh.


7. Flowers

It’s spring! Flowers might not be ready for you to pick yet, but there might be some soon that you could make a bouquet with to freshen up your home.

Another great option is using faux flowers or greenery. Try them out in different spaces to make a room feel different or fresh!

Faux Flowers on Bedside TableFaux Flower Bouquet



I hope these 7 suggestions have given you inspiration to give your home a little home decor refresh! Don’t get stuck inside a home that feels boring and too consistent. These times are difficult right now so do whatever you can to make your home feel happy and refreshed!




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