High-Tech and Touchless: How to Build a Smarter Bathroom

Behold, the bathroom of the future—available today!

As times call for an unwavering attentiveness to personal hygiene, we’ve found some gadgets that will provide you with an optimal bathroom experience while avoiding some of the lavatory’s most problematic surfaces.

Kohler Numi Comfort Height

When is a toilet worth $9,000? When it’s about as powerful as your personal computer. Yes, the Numi can sync with your smart device and play your favorite playlists and podcasts, and yes, the Numi features both seat and feet warmers, but where the brainy bowl truly shines is with the basics. Not content to merely offer motion-activated control for lid and flush (although it does offer these), Numi, via Kohler Konnect, gives users voice-activated control over all of the toilets’ major functions from flush and seat movement to music selection and bidet—yes, the Numi is outfitted with advanced bidet technology that allows the device to provide self-cleaning, precision air drying and deodorizing all in a single wand. Best of all, the Numi is great at sanitizing itself.

The Kohler Numi Comfort Height is available in white or black finishes for $9,000.

U by Moen Smart Shower

Is there anything more perfect than speaking your perfect shower into existence? We think not—and this paradise is available to you, thanks to the U by Moen Smart Shower. This petite panel pairs with your shower and gives users exacting control over their shower via touch, app or, yes, voice control. Users can request a specific temperature for their shower, receive alerts when that temp has been achieved and even stop, start and pause their stream with a simple verbal command. Moen even allows owners to schedule shower length so they don’t get lost in the wonderful world of perfect water control.

U by Moen Smart Shower is available for $1,276 or $2,356, depending on finish and features.

Delta Zura

Handwashing has to be one of the more frequent—and necessary—bathroom functions, but we often forget how many hands have touched the faucet handle. The Zura, by high-end fixtures manufacturer Delta, solves this problem with style. The only thing more futuristic than the Zura’s contemporary design is its capacitance-sensing capabilities—capabilities that allow the faucet to turn on and off whenever a hand breaks the capacitance field. No longer do users need to wave their appendages in front of a very specific sensor to activate the faucet. The Zura picks up any movement when in appropriate range to make handwashing a somehow hands-free experience.

The Delta Zura is available in six colors and finishes, ranging in price from $625 to $938.

Dyson Airblade dB

Still drying your hands with a towel? How 2019. The Dyson Airblade dB offers users the most hygenic and high-speed way to dry your hands. This in-wall unit utilizes HEPA-filter air that captures 99.97% of particles so you know you are flushing your fingers with only the freshest of breezes—and it won’t take long to do it either. The Airblade dB takes just 12 seconds to turn mittens from moist to Mojave.

The Dyson Airblade dB is available in gray or white for $1,349.

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