Garden Fairies Send a Message

Garden fairies here.

We are garden fairies and we are taking this time during what is one of our busiest seasons in the garden to send a message to everyone.

First, before we send our message, we would like to comment that we have never in all our years seen so much of Carol out in the garden.

It is amazing. She is actually edging all the garden beds. We are garden fairies and we have to go back at least several years to remember the last time she did that. Several years.

And there are rumors that she is getting some mulch, which we garden fairies will tell you is greatly needed around here. Greatly.

We garden fairies like to see Carol out and about and being all industrious like this but we have some concerns/complaints.

First, we need some alone time. We need Carol to go inside so we can nap in peace all day.  Just the other day, Seedy and Soddy were napping near the edge of a bed and almost, well, we don’t want to be all gruesome but we’ve made sure everyone knows to stay about from the edges of all the planting beds while Carol is in this frenzy of edging.

Second, we cannot believe what she did to the smokebushes. She got a notion they were too big and cut them down to nubbins. Nubbins!  Of course, now there is a big pile of trimmings that she needs to get rid of but we hear rumors everyone is supposed to stay at home unless they have official important business to attend to. Guess Carol has decided that getting rid of her mess isn’t official important business as she is showing no signs of hauling it to her truck to haul off to wherever she takes stuff like that.

Third, while Carol has done an outstanding job edging the borders, she needs to attend to the Vegetable Garden Cathedral.  She needs to weed the beds not planted or she’s going to have a mess on her hands. Granny Gus McGarden is beside herself with worry that Carol will wear herself out before she gets to the cathedral.

But we are garden fairies. We have been admiring the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants Carol has started from seed. They look pretty good, considering. The last two days have been so nice she has put them outside in the shade to get some fresh air and real sunshine. This gave us garden fairies a chance to inspect those little seedlings up close. We have given them a big thumbs up for now.

Finally, we are garden fairies. We have not forgotten that we are sending everyone a message.
Here it is, written in the foliage of the crocuses that have finished blooming.

We are garden fairies so we realize that not everyone will see the message, so we are going to give a big hint about what it is but first… we would like to let you know that Carol has been adding content to her YouTube channel, Indygardener and some of it is garden fairy approved. We think you will particularly like Gardenpiece Theater.  There are now eight episodes on that playlist. Please check it out for us garden fairies.

And now, the translation of our message.

That’s right. We are garden fairies. Our message is please keep smiling, keep gardening, and stay away from other people. That’s what we garden fairies do!  Be like us!

Submitted by:
Violet Greenpea Maydreams, Chief Scribe and Message Interpreter for the Garden Fairies at May Dreams Gardens

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