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Spring is almost here, and gardening is about to begin! Apartment dwellers and those without the ability to have a garden in their yard would like to join in the delights of spring. Fresh foods are always better for you, they are cost effective and certainly taste better. If you don’t have the room for a big garden, flower boxes are a great alternative. You can also have hanging plants. As long as you’re enjoying things fresh from the garden, you’ll have a smile on your face.

Why Garden?

First thing first, why create a garden when you don’t have a yard? For starters, having and herb or vegetable garden can help cut cost in your grocery bill. Flowers can look good and bring hummingbirds to your window just as much as the feeders. Why NOT a garden is a better question.

Flower Boxes

Flower/Window boxes and pots are great options to plant veggies and flowers AND decorate the outside of your living space or utilizing what space you have for your small yard or no yard to work with. Flower and window boxes can be purchased at your local garden center, but you can also easily DIY one. Here’s a great blog with instructions to build several types of flower and window boxes – DIY Garden Boxes

Hanging Plants

Hanger planters are great for porches, balconies, and indoor areas since they are up and out of the way. With the upside-down tomato planter it has become a great way to grow fruit and vegetables. Vine plants, like ivy, do well in hanging plant baskets.


Best Flowers

The best flowers for boxes can range greatly if they are small enough, sorry sunflowers won’t do well, but the most popular one in the morning glory. Morning glories also do well in baskets along with ivy and wandering Jews.

Best Veggies and Fruits

Most people wouldn’t think of fruits and vegetables in a flower box or hanging plant but there are some that can do well this way. Herbs do well in flower boxes along with strawberries and lettuce. Tomatoes and peas do great in plat hangers.

We hope you benefit from having foods and flowers fresh from the garden. If you need materials or assistance building window boxes or anything else, come visit us at any of our three locations and speak to any of our professionals.

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