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Want to add retro charm to your home? Then you have to follow some tips and tricks to get the look on-point. Mix and match of two or more different eras have been considered by many. And for this type of decor, you don’t necessarily have to break a bank and spend a load of money. You can utilize some hand-me-downs and classic finds from local flea markets and thrift stores. Retro style can be attractive and inspire feelings of nostalgia. And are mostly chosen by those who want to pay some kind of homage to styles and arts that were popular years ago. It is not necessary, that you have to find old and rugged stuff as there is newly made furniture produced that has a retro look.

When retro decor is considered the decor styles and items are usually from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. This particular style is whimsical, kitschy, and classic. The designs and colors have fun and lively feel to it. You will find psychedelic, bold, and bright hues and patterns. Because of its bold approach, not everyone can pull it off. So, if you want to add a zest of loud, busy and funky from this bygone era then go for it. For a stylish oomph, ensure a fine balance of retro and modern decor pieces.

Furniture and colours

Retro style furniture has an abstract feel to it. So, go for sofas are broad and elongated with multi-colored throw pillows, chrome barstools with bright red seats, Mitt chairs or womb chair with ottoman. You can also add leather armchairs, mid-century modern sofa, faux wrought iron bed frames. Coming to the texture, again it is either go bold or go home, so don’t be afraid of textures. Common ones from the era are shag-carpeting, smooth plastics, soft vinyl, and crushed velvet. 


Lamps with square or tasseled shades and with ceramic bases can be chosen. Even a multi-colored chandelier with a dangling cord draped from hook to hook can give the desired look.

Colours and patterns

One of the simple ways to add retro feel is the addition of retro colors. You can try colours such as avocado green, mustard yellow, combinations of brown, black, white, and red. Another cool combo can be purple and hot pink. Speaking of fabrics that can give you retro mood, then Tie-dyed, checkered patterns, and elaborate paisley prints were in-thing of the era.

Accents and accessories

Retro accessories include fuzzy rugs, door beads, lava lamps, and colourful scoop stools. Get art, paintings and sculptures that are typically bold and abstract pieces rather than simple landscapes and still-life. You can also go for a retro feature wall. You can transform a boring wall by adding a quirky collection of vintage stuff like globes, old school desks, vintage bookcase, record player, telephone and vintage-inspired toys among others.

For more retro appeal add the following: gossip bench, teak console, mid-century style fireplace, retro laundry room, cabriole style sofa and sputnik chandelier among others.

Flooring and wallpaper

Coming to flooring, if you are opting for this theme then go for the popular ones such as natural wood, shag carpeting, and checkered pattern. One of the easiest and bold flooring can be checkered black and white floor. Kitschy Wallpaper and Shiplap Wall Paneling will also help you to get those retro vibes.

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