Downtown Franklin Shops Offer Unique Pumpkin Decor for Your Home

As temperatures begin to plunge, the fall décor comes out. For some, that means black cats, ghosts, and witches. For others, it is all about pumpkins. Pumpkins can go out as a decorative introduction to fall in September and last through Thanksgiving. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes, giving a home a splash of color and lots of texture.

Pumpkins are made from all kinds of materials, including porcelain, metal, wool, fabric, paper, leaves, plastic, and mercury glass. They can be artisan-made, vintage, or manufactured. Then, of course, they can also be real. Some are realistic, while others are whimsical.

We found these great pieces of pumpkin decor at downtown Franklin shops. Now is a great time to shop in downtown Franklin, as downtown Franklin is celebrating the fall season with their Paint the Town Orange campaign (read more about that here).


An artisan-made pumpkin can come in many forms. Artist Tammy Irions offers pumpkin canvases at The Barn Door (109 S. Margin St). Some are plain and some of them have traditional Halloween grins. These can be hung, or stand on a fireplace mantle with greens and a few mini real ones. Others may be hand-painted, sparkly, or maybe not even in pumpkin form.


Fabric pumpkins are perfect for Fall decorating according to Lynda McGuire, second-generation owner of Riverside Franklin (144 Bridge St).

“Velvet pumpkins are big this year for inside decor,” said McGuire. “They are great for centerpieces, they can be used in different sizes, and mixed with real pumpkins.”

While velvet pumpkins are the big thing, there are other fabrics out there with great textures like wool felt, corduroy, and cotton. These can be found at Imago Dei (326 Main St) and Tin Cottage (334 Main St).


Franklin Antique Mall (251 2nd Ave South) offers an assortment of pumpkins, including some knit ones with feather tufts offering a lot of visual interest for your table or built-in shelves. And Barn Door carries adorable alpaca wool pumpkins from Mistletoe Farm. The farm was started by a pair of accountants, Leanne and Tom Butchko. They raise alpacas and make gifts from their wool.


Metal pumpkins can be used inside or outside. Large outdoor pumpkins can be found at Riverside Franklin. They take a candle with the classic Jack-O-Lantern face outward, and then they can be turned around after Halloween to show the plain pumpkin side until it is time to decorate for Christmas. Some are also made for inside with open weaves that will add dimension to a setting, especially when paired with other types of pumpkins.


Natural elements used to make pumpkins include jute, seeds, leaves and dried grasses. The Iron Gate (338 Main St) carries some unique pumpkins made from woven grasses, and Franklin Antique Mall has several different examples of small natural pumpkins.

Wood is another natural material used to make pumpkins. Riverside Franklin has large outdoor pumpkins that work alone or with real pumpkins and tall corn stalks.


paper pumpkin decor

Rock Paper Scissors (317 Main St) carries good old-fashioned paper pumpkins in a variety of colors from medium orange to light pink. They simply fold out like an accordion and clip.


If you want pumpkins that are different, unusual, or have a bit if whimsy, then the way to go is with something vintage. Winchester Antique Mall (121 2nd Ave N) has items like an antique porcelain pumpkin with blue flowers. Franklin Antique Mall has some one of a kind pumpkins, like a pumpkin pitcher and an old-style clay pumpkin. They also have small porcelain one in fall shades.

Antique stores are also the perfect place to find pumpkins with a bit if whimsy. From a stuffed plush pumpkin with over-sized hands, to a smiley Jack-o-Lantern mug perfect for a cup of hot chocolate by a fire on a cold night, they give a bit of humor and warmth to the season.

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