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We had a major wedding craft session in our household this weekend, so expect a lot of DIY posts from me this week.  First up:  Bathroom Baskets!

I know, I know…it seems a bit early to be doing bathroom baskets, since the wedding is still 7 months away.  In effort to stay organized and meet my goal of “no wedding tasks left to complete wedding week,” I am trying to knock off as many little tasks as possible early on—one of those being bathroom baskets.

If you’re not familiar with the wedding world, you might be asking yourself what bathroom baskets are (Dr. Groomy definitely looked at me like I was nuts when I showed them to him!).  Basically, they are baskets of little toiletries you put in the bathroom of your reception venue as a courtesy to your guests.  Ours look like this:

 Wedding DIY 003 The Boys’

 Wedding DIY 002 The Girls’

I bought the baskets at Michael’s a few weeks ago when they were having a may-jah sale (and my 40% off coupons didn’t hurt, either!).  I bought the frames at the dollar store and printed the poem on regular old white computer paper.  I mounted that on some gold paper (also from Michael’s), cut it to size, and voila!  A cute sign to go with the bathroom baskets:

Wedding DIY 004 The poem says:
So happy you’re here sharing our special day
But just in case something should go astray:

Please help yourself to the contents within
Mouthwash, hand lotion or ibuprofen

Use what you need, and just leave the rest
For it may be useful to some other guest!

Repair the damage that may have been done,
Then quick!  Hurry back and join in the fun!
Shamelessly stolen from Weddingbee.

So what’s in em?
Lint Roller
Shout Wipes
Tide-To-Go Stick
Hand Lotion
Colgate Wisps (mini disposable toothbrushes)
A travel manicure set
Hair Ties (Girls Only)
Bobby Pins (Girls Only)
Safety Pins
Contact Solution
Eye Drops
Tampons (Girls Only)
Panty Liners (Girls Only)
Body Spray
Hair Spray
Hair Brush
And…I think that’s it!

I bought most of the items in the travel aisle of Target, so they were all about $0.99 each. 

Price breakdown for the baskets:
$6.00 for each basket, plus 37.oo in supplies for each one = $43.00 per basket.  A little more than I would have liked to spend, but I know we’ll get use out of the items (and baskets!) even after the wedding is over. 

Are you doing Bathroom Baskets?  What amenities will you supply your guests?

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