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Benvenuti to Cycle Garden Moto Guzzi,

We specialize in servicing and restoring Pre-1975 Italian Moto Guzzis – namely the Ambassador, Eldorado, V700 and V7Sport models. For over two decades, Cycle Garden has set itself apart as the premiere Moto Guzzi service center in North America. We repair, rebuild and restore more vintage Moto Guzzis than anyone else in the world. Our restored machines are ‘simply the best’ and make a sound investment.

When starting work on a motorcycle, we have two goals in mind. The first is of course to build dependable daily runners – safe, mechanically sound bikes tough enough for you to ride the hell out of em’. The second is to complement that utility through the cosmetic aspects of restorations: lead-filled body work, colored sanded urethane paint and triple plate chrome.

While still retaining their original specifications and authenticity, our restored Guzzis are widely considered ‘better than new’. So whether you’re seeking an engine rebuild, frame and gas tank painting or a total restoration, we’ll help keep your bike road worthy as well as in show room condition.

All the work we complete on your vintage Moto Guzzi carries with it Cycle Garden’s highly valued “unlimited-mile-one-year” warranty.

For those more elusive elements to your vintage Moto Guzzi, we have immediate access to the world’s largest selection of used and NOS (new old stock) parts. We ship both parts and complete bikes worldwide.

If you are considering the purchase of a classic Moto Guzzi motorcycle or contemplating a restoration project, please contact Moe here at Cycle Garden, or Skype under the user name moeguzzi.

We’re always happy to hear from you. You can also see our HD videos on Youtube:

Ci Vediamo presto, ciao.

(Hope to see you soon)

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