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Keep chickens AND your sense of style.



The Garden Coop walk-in coop and run plans  

The Garden Coop Chicken Coop Plans

  • » Integrated henhouse and run
  • » Full-sized people door
  • » Keep up to 8 hens or customize for more



The Garden Loft large walk-in coop and run plans

The Garden Loft Large Chicken Coop Plans

  • » Our largest design
  • » Full-width henhouse integrated with spacious run
  • » Keep up to 16 hens, or add run space for even more



The Garden Ark mobile chicken coop plans

The Garden Ark Chicken Coop Plans

  • » Portable — move it around for grazing
  • » Great companion coop as your flock grows
  • » Keep up to 3 hens or customize for more



The Basic Coop Plans

Basic Coop Chicken Coop Plans

  • » A starter coop you can grow with
  • » Efficient design — can be built for under $200
  • » Keep up to 4 hens or customize for more



The Garden Run Plans

The Garden Run Chicken Run Plans

  • » Expand your coop securely with your choice of 3 mix-and-match designs
  • » Connect easily to any coop
  • » Perfect companion to our coop plans — bundle and save!






Free chicken coop design plan previews from TheGardenCoop.comSatisfaction guaranteed.

Whether you’re wanting to build a walk-in chicken coop, a mobile chicken ark/tractor, a stand-alone plywood coop, or an enclosed run, one of our design plans may be just what you’ve been searching for.

Give them a try! If it doesn’t work out, let us know within 30 days, and we’ll send you a full refund. No hassle. No questions asked. Satisfaction guaranteed.






Satisfaction guaranteed.




Everything your chickens need, all in one place.

All of our backyard chicken coop designs have the features your chickens need to be healthy and happy.

    • » Ample ventilation and light
    • » Security from predators
    • » Protection from the elements
    • » Nesting box(es) and roosts

And our modular enclosed runs let you add even more secure outdoor space to their habitat.

But that’s just part of it. We also designed these chicken coops and runs with you in mind. They’re attractive, functional, and easy to clean and maintain — all while making efficient use of materials and space.



Written for beginners, so you can build like a pro.

Whether you’re new to keeping chickens or new to carpentry, our coop plans make it easy to raise your own garden-fresh eggs — without turning your backyard into a barnyard.

Each e-book includes complete tools and materials lists, measurements, photos, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions to show you how to build a chicken coop or run you’ll love.

They require only beginner skills, simple cuts, and easy-to-find materials for straightforward assembly. Of course, if you have some DIY experience, building will be that much easier.

Each plan also includes details, photos, and construction tips based on years of customer feedback.

And if you have any questions as you go, every plan purchase includes free email support directly from the designer.




Buy and download your chicken coop and run plans today!

Coop plans start at only $19.95 (USD) and run plans at $12.95, payable with credit card or PayPal. Combo discounts are available.

Download your plans instantly as a full-color, printable e-book (PDF) — and start building your chicken coop, mobile chicken tractor, or enclosures right away. International orders are accepted.





Satisfaction guaranteed.




Chicken Coop Plan Reviews:
What Our Customers Are Saying


“Thanks for the extremely well-written/illustrated plans.” —Allan

I majored in Industrial Design, so I know how to build, use materials, and even lay out manufacturing techniques. Thanks for your great plans. I’m impressed with the quality of your design and your thoroughness.” —Noelle

“The most amazing part of the experience was the customer service. Before, during, and after construction all of my questions were answered promptly and thoroughly in a very supportive and helpful way. I really appreciate that.” —Dondi

“Many, many thanks from this mod ranch house owner! Your help is really going to impact my family’s life in a big way.” —Elizabeth

“I built The Garden Coop with minimal assistance over Thanksgiving weekend, three days to be exact. I was amazed at the precision of the plans — there was very little waste. . . I was debating on buying a built coop and building my own. I am so glad I decided to build my coop with your plans. I was able to end up with a superior coop built from cedar for less than I would have spent on a lesser quality, same-size coop.” —Tommy, Buda, TX

“I just took your comprehensive materials list to Home Depot and purchased everything I need to construct the coop. Hafta say, your plans are very clearly written, and I’m confident they leave little to argue about — which is ideal when taking on a joint project with two greenhorns!” —Mimi, Nashville, TN

Read more customer reviews of our design plans.



Why build your own backyard chicken coop?

Keeping chickens is a lifestyle choice that pays off in many ways. But there are start-up costs. Building your own chicken coop lets you keep costs down, while getting exactly what you want in a coop. Plus it’s fun!



Why use plans?

When we wanted to know how to build a chicken coop for our small city lot, we did what you’re doing — we looked online, read chicken coop books, went on coop tours. There were some nice options out there, but nothing with the style, function, and simplicity we wanted. So we designed our own.

The research, design, and testing that went into these plans let you build a chicken coop you can count on without having to start from scratch. And by knowing just what you need to buy, you’ll get the most out of your investment.

We’re proud of the quality of what we offer. Take a look inside our chicken coop and run building plans for free. With these plans, you could make your first cuts this weekend and have more time to enjoy your backyard chickens and those garden-fresh eggs. And if you have questions, we’re just an email away.





Starting at $19.95. Or get two and save.
Satisfaction guaranteed.





Just looking for ideas?

Visit Coop Thoughts, our blog about coop building and backyard chicken care. We answer questions and share information that’s both timely and timeless, including best practices and new ideas on building housing for your chickens. Here are a few examples:


Our chickens' playhouse - chicken coop plansFree plans for adding external nest boxes to your chicken coop.

Whether you’re building The Garden Coop, The Garden Ark, or pretty much any other chicken coop, these instructions (which include both feet/inches and metric units) show you in detail how to add external nesting boxes to your coop. While I much prefer the simplicity of having the boxes inside, there’s something about exterior nest boxes that captures the fancy of some backyard chicken keepers. Take a look at our free exterior hen box plans.




How do I build raised garden beds to fit The Garden Ark mobile chicken coop?

Sanding wood for a chicken coop - DIY plansSometimes the best way to stay on top of your garden is to put your chickens there! These free plans show you how to build raised vegetable garden beds that fit The Garden Ark mobile coop perfectly (the principle applies to any open-floor chicken tractor, really). So either before planting or after harvest, your hens get to graze on weeds and leaves while they till and fertilize the soil. Read more.



Which wood is best for building my chicken coop?

Framing the chicken coop - download plansMost chicken coops are made of wood, and all wood eventually rots. You can plan to deal with this fact in a number of ways: 1) build with wood that’s infused with pesticides; 2) use a naturally rot-resistant wood like cedar, redwood, or tropical hardwoods; 3) choose a softwood. Many factors will weigh into your choice, but I’ll deal with the two biggies: toxicity and cost. Read more.



Free chicken keeping and coop design tip sheet

Sometimes you just want the basics, some notes that can help you get from dreaming to doing. I put together this free one-page handout to cover many of the most common questions about chickens and coop design — like how much space do hens need, how much food do chickens eat, how loud are backyard hens, how often do you have to change your chickens’ water. . . Read more.



What’s the best kind of chicken wire and fencing to protect my flock?

What's the best chicken wire for a coop?Fencing and wire mesh of some kind is essential around your coop and daytime chicken yard to keep your chickens in and to keep pests and predators out. There are several kinds of wire and fencing to protect your chickens from rodents, foxes, hawks, racoons, and the like, and I’ll talk about a handful of them here. Read more.





Should I paint the floor of my hen house?

Plan to paint your chicken coop?Painting the floor of your henhouse can protect it from moisture and everything that can come with it. Even just the potential swelling of wet, unsealed wood can make it a bit harder to brush out chicken poop and bedding. Here are a few things to consider if you plan to paint the floor of your chicken coop or hen house. Read more.




Where in my yard should I site my chicken coop?

A real chicken playhouse paradise - chicken coop plansYou know, I almost can’t believe this now, but when we were planning to build our first chicken coop, I wanted to tuck it out of the way in a far corner of our yard. What a difference an attractive coop design makes! Our chickens’ house is now the centerpiece of our backyard garden — and inspiration to do so much more. Read more.





How to predator-proof the open bottom of The Garden Ark mobile chicken tractor

Chicken tractor plans to build portable chicken coopAfter much trial, I’ve finally come up with an elegant solution to predator-proof the open floor of The Garden Ark mobile chicken tractor. The challenge has been finding a way to secure the floor without closing it off completely or permanently. After all, you need the open floor for mobility, cleaning, and access to grazing. This simple solution works perfectly, and now I’m excited to share it. Read more.




Free grazing frame plans to go with your chicken coopFree plans to build your own chicken-yard grazing frames

Keeping your backyard chickens supplied with fresh greens can be tricky, especially when forage space is limited. How do you keep your chickens from overgrazing and scratching their day yard bare? Grazing frames! Read more.






Satisfaction guaranteed.






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