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As you look for light fixtures, consider existing finishes and colors. Say you have gold drawer pulls and bronze door hardware. Selecting a fixture with both gold and bronze can pull a room together.

Choosing the proper lighting for your home can take a space without a purpose and transform it. Adding a new floor lamp to brighten up a workspace allows us to work longer hours or enjoy a good book. Installing some wall sconces for softer light will add ambience when entertaining friends or relaxing with good music. Proper lighting sets the mood and makes everything better!

Question: Lighting choices are seemingly unlimited. How does a homeowner go about narrowing down them down?

Answer: There are many things that factor into finding just the right fixture for a space. Final selections take into consideration the design style of the home, existing finishes and colors, ceiling height

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Walls in Resene Wafer with Resene Double Alabaster spots and Resene Pearl Blush floor,


Walls in Resene Wafer with Resene Double Alabaster spots and Resene Pearl Blush floor,

To theme or not to theme is the question with children’s rooms.

Whatever the answer, it’s a place to make fun decorating choices.

Children’s rooms can be a mirror of current fashion, simply because they are updated more regularly as kids grow and tastes change.

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* From cot to college: How to manage multiple bedroom transitions for your kids
* Make a tiny bedroom feel and work like a big bedroom

Baby Narwhal mini light $15 from Allium Interiors,


Baby Narwhal mini light $15 from Allium Interiors,

Lisa Rose of Paterson Rose says kids’ room trends are moving away from monochrome and geometric designs, towards bold colours and prints for boys in charcoal, khaki and navy.

“Candy pink remains number one for small girls, while older

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If there’s one feeling most of us wish our bedrooms evoked—especially now—it’s calm. “We want our bedrooms to be a retreat, a place to relax,” explains designer and artist Rebecca Atwood. So how do you design your way to a bedroom that helps you stop the stressing (and the scrolling) and actually get a restful night’s sleep? Rebecca Atwood and interior designer Kate Hamilton Gray showed us how it’s done by designing the main bedroom in the 2020 Real Simple Home. The end result: a soothing sleep oasis full of pattern, texture, and a borrowed-from-nature color palette. In need of our own sleep sanctuaries, we reached out to the design duo for their tips on creating a calmer bedroom. Here’s how to design your way to better sleep.

Let the Natural Landscape Be Your Guide

“I like to think about decorating a home as building your best natural habitat,” says

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A trip to Sonya’s Garden is an ultimate treat for every plantito/plantita.

A green craze swept our households during the COVID-19 pandemic. Without the option to work or hang out elsewhere, many of us spent time indulging in home-friendly hobbies. A noticeable demographic began turning into plantitos and plantitas. Now, fruit trees occupy once idle lots while potted greens decorated our porches.

It is easy to see how the trend rose. The plantito badge itself reflects the bond we develop with greens because they know how to gratify us. While they wilt with insufficient or improper care, plants reward outstanding handling with some bright, colorful blooms and lush greeneries. As living décor, they lend vibrance and breathe life into our homes.

Sonya’s Garden sells and delivers seeds and potted plants

Even science proves the benefits we get from plants. They help filter the air we breate, provide insulation and boost

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As much as I love carving up a spooky jack-o’-lantern for Halloween, sometimes I want to craft without getting my hands covered in pumpkin guts, and these creepy plant cemeterrariums might just be my new holiday obsession. Made with Halloween-inspired miniatures — like skeletons, vampires, pumpkins, headstones, bats, and more — the plant terrariums are totally customizable, which means you can make them as spooky or as cute as you want. You can even challenge your family and friends to see whose cemeterrarium is worthy of being placed in Jack Skellington’s tower. Personally, I’ll be filling mine with as many mini pumpkins as I can find.

The haunting, cemetery-themed terrariums are perfect for satisfying that DIY itch that appears around the holidays. Best of all, they don’t involve dealing with week-old newspapers stacked high with ooey-gooey piles of pumpkin guts. So catch me hitting up Michaels, Target, Etsy, and the

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HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) — Experts advise that now is the time to prepare your prescriptions and your property.

“Personal experience, my BBQ pit blew across the backyard into the swimming pool,” said Houstonian Joe Bany.

As Director of Field Operations for John Moore Services, he has seen the wrath of mother nature.

“You think it’s going to stay but enough wind will push it wherever it wants it to go,” said Bany.

He says he prepares for severe weather with one simple rule. If it’s not screwed down, then tie it up or store it.

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There are the obvious items like furniture in your front and back yard along with all children’s toys.

But make sure you look up for things like string lights, flags, hanging plants, wind chimes and tree swings as well.

Also remember to pack up garden hoses and

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You know all the usual suspects: ghosts, bloody objects, and, yes, skeletons. But you haven’t seen Halloween decorations quite like the ones at Fun Express. Move over, Mermaid Skeleton, because we have our eye on the Unicorn Skeleton.

Fun Express is ensuring that your lawn is ready for Halloween with its Unicorn Skeleton. The 3.5-foot decoration is complete with a sparkly, colorful horn.

© Fun Express
Fun Express is ensuring that your lawn is ready for Halloween with its Unicorn Skeleton. The 3.5-foot decoration is complete with a sparkly, colorful horn.

“Macabre or magical? You decide!” the description says. “If you’ve always wondered what a unicorn skeleton looks like, now’s your chance!”

The plastic decoration is 43 inches (3.58 feet) by 27 inches (2.25 feet) and comes in one piece. The body is all bones, but the horn stands out because, well, it’s colorful and sparkly. If there’s one we know for sure, it’ll be a talking piece around town.

But if you’re looking for something a little less magical, Fun Express also has a

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Every so often in the world of home design you meet a refreshing pro who doesn’t take herself too seriously, who is not afraid to own up to her mistakes, and who knows when and where to take the pressure off.

While I confess part of me is hoping you’re thinking, “Why, that’s you, Marni!” (I can only aspire), all is true about Myquillyn Smith, the voice behind The Nester blog, and author of three books, including her newest due out Sept. 15, Welcome Home: A Cozy Minimalist Guide to Decorating and Hosting All Year Round, (Zondervan Publishing, hardcover $26.99).

I got an advance copy, which came with this self-effacing author bio: “Myquillyn is a self-taught, design-school dropout who took a week-long course so she could be a certified home stager and redesigner.”

How could I not like this woman? That same humble confidence shows

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Get them while they’re still in stock. (Photo: Reviewed)

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Although we’re only at the end of summer, it’s about time we start thinking about holiday gifts. Why? Because if you wait too long, the hottest items will be sold out or back-ordered, so you’ll miss your window for the perfect present. Plus, if you put them on your radar now, you’ll be able to keep an eye out for them during Black Friday and other holiday sales.

Here at Reviewed, we test hundreds of products throughout the year, from robot vacuums to weighted blankets. So, our experts know the best of the best and exactly what everyone will be prying after this year. Below, you’ll find the 10 hottest gifts for 2020 that everyone will have on their wishlists.

Need help

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Staring out of the windows of my family room, which I do a lot these days, I can’t help but feel like my side yard isn’t living up to its potential. It’s basically a green blur with an ivy-covered floor, shaded from (admittedly beautiful) trees. All of this extra time at home has my husband and me ready to do something about it, though. We want to make the most of our outdoor space, even if we’re just looking at it from the couch.

Laura Osteen, a landscape designer in San Francisco, shares my sentiments about side yards. “They’re such unique spaces. They’re kind of an afterthought often, but there are so many neat things you can do with them,” she says. “And (if you can see them from your house) they’re the window to nature,” she says. If you, too, are wondering what the heck you can do with

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