Calming Home Decor Trends Inspired by Nature From Etsy

Our homes are the center of our worlds these days, and between all the online yoga classes, digital playdates, and late-night bread baking, we’re all just trying our best to make staying in feel extra comforting. One surprisingly simple way to up the cozy factor? Look to the great outdoors. “Incorporating natural elements in our decor can instantly make us feel more grounded and peaceful,” explains Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson. “Rich, organic materials, ultra-soft fabrics, and soothing motifs like shells and sunsets are transforming our living spaces into tranquil havens—and keeping us connected to the outside world.” Whether you find calm in curling up in a cotton throw or reassurance in hanging a seedling in a sunny window and watching it grow, these six nature-inspired home decor trends are sure to take your nesting to the next level.

’70s sunsets

There’s nothing quite like witnessing a breathtaking natural event to stir the soul and quiet the mind. Enter the most mesmerizing motif of the moment: ‘70s sunsets. Rosy and warm with an eye-pleasing ombré, this nostalgic wall art trend gives off totally mellow vibes. “It’s no secret the ‘70s have had a major influence on home decor the last few years (hello, rattan) but these days we’re taking decidedly chill inspo from the disco decade,” Dayna says. Modern interpretations feature a soothing blend of bold hues and geometric shapes, and make a relaxing focal point for those days when you aren’t able to view the real thing.

Eco-conscious fabrics

Earth-friendly textiles—think organic linen and hemp, cactus silk, and raw cotton—are without a doubt the feel-good trend of the times. Not only does their warm, welcoming texture make for extra-soft snuggles, but you’ll sleep better knowing they’re made with the well-being of the planet in mind. “The best part is, you don’t have to choose between sustainability and style,” Dayna says. Both elegant and durable, organic linen bedding offers exceptional temperature regulation (cooling in summer, warming in winter) while woven cotton throws add an enticingly lounge-worthy layer to any comfy couch. And the perfect perch for your morning meditation? An oversized cushion crafted from hemp and cotton.

Hanging planters

A collage of hanging planters available on Etsy
SHOP (top to bottom, left to right): Hexagonal wooden planters from Wooda Home, $60; small swoosh hanging planter from Buchlyvie Pottery, $18; porcelain cut-out planter from Convivial Production, $69; geometric wall planters from Eco Deer, $165 for set of 6; glass terrarium hanging vase from Avolie Glass, $45; electric blue wall planter from Gabrielle Silverlight, $320; concrete wall planters from Petula Plas, from $40; white ceramic hanging planter from Happy Flowers Ceramics, $39; wall-mounted planter panel from KARVD walls, $119

Cultivating your own green space will breathe fresh life into any room, but if you really want to take your indoor gardening game to new heights, well, you might say it’s time to grow up. “Many of us are proud parents to so many plants that we’re running out of real estate on our windowsills,” Dayna says. “But we’ve got a solution.” Suspended planters add visual interest to otherwise empty walls, and come in a wide range of shapes and materials that are as practical as they are pretty, from delicate porcelain succulent pots to hand-blown hanging glass terrariums. 

Seashell shapes

A collage of seashell-shaped decor available on Etsy
SHOP (top to bottom, left to right): Vintage ceramic shell light from New Times Finds, $198; ceramic shell soap dish from be Art Mood, $17; large stained glass seashell mirror from Szklo Glass, $220; velvet shell pillow from La petite boite co., from $46; shell incense jewelry dish from Sonra Ceramics, $33; vintage white shell napkin holder from Hello Chose, $13; pink seashell jewelry dish from Avolie Glass, $34; iridescent nautilus shell planter from Tusk and Timber, $36; vintage brass catchall from OTHERWISE, $28

You don’t need a cottage on the ocean to get into seashell decor: The aesthetically pleasing symmetry of shell-inspired pieces will have its own relaxing ripple effect. “This playful yet sophisticated trend is just as suitable for city-dwellers and landlocked residents,” Dayna explains. “Rather than using it as a theme for an entire room, it’s all about bringing in a few choice accents, like a stunningly scalloped wall mirror or a nautilus planter, to give a space character.” Incorporate subtle nautical nods into your daily routine with a shell-centric soap dish, or create a peaceful corner with a stoneware shell incense burner and let your favorite calming fragrance whisk you away to the sea.

Burl wood

For a heartening hint of organic earthiness, few things feel as directly rooted to nature as homewares crafted from raw, textural burl wood. “Burls are made from unusual formations of the wood grain and are unique to each tree, making every piece truly one-of-a-kind,” Dayna says. Whether you’re investing in an heirloom coffee table fashioned from live edge maple or decorating with simple rustic touches like burl wood bud vases and bowls, these rough-hewn pieces have a natural warmth that’s sure to enrich your everyday environment.

Bee motifs

A tiny yet mighty reminder of Mother Nature’s abundance, the busy little bee has found a permanent home in our hives. “They’re a beloved symbol of a healthy planet, given their role as pollinators and our treasured honey-makers,“ Dayna explains. “Plus, they’re a great way to add a bit of whimsical detail in unexpected places.” Indeed, bee motifs are seeing a variety of surprising applications, from sculptural brass drawer pulls to delicately gilded dessert plates. But if you really want to make a buzzworthy statement, a honey bee-patterned accent wall will serve as a refreshingly lush backdrop for your next video call. 

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