Blood found in bathroom connected to Mesa woman’s death


Melissa Valenzuela, 34, was reported missing by her family on March 20, 2020. She was found dead the next week, Mesa police said. (Photo: Mesa Police Department)

Court records show details that led to police arresting four women on suspicion of kidnapping in connection with a Mesa homicide case in March.

Melissa Valenzuela was reported missing by her family March 20 and found dead three days later.

Mesa police arrested Nadine Chavez, 34; Christina Gomez, 39; Mercedes Gomez, 32; and Melissa Servin, 42 on April 24 in connection with the homicide.

Detective Jason Flam, a department spokesperson, confirmed in an email the arrest of the four women is related to Valenzuela’s case. But because it’s still an active investigation, Flam said, “I am unable to discuss the specifics of the case.”

Valenzuela, 34, of Mesa, was last seen March 17 with Mercedes and Christina Gomez days before her death, according to court records.

Detectives learned from phone records that Mercedes traveled to a Phoenix residence near West Hadley Street and South 19th Avenue after Valenzuela was last seen.

Witnesses in the area identified to police Christina Gomez, Servin and Chavez as being seen in front of the house. They were seen arguing with Valenzuela, according to court records.

A witness saw Chavez, Servin and Christina Gomez “pushing or dragging the female victim who was screaming for help and for someone to call 911” into the house on West Hadley Street, which was Chavez’s residence.

The witness said someone covered Valenzuela’s mouth and forced her into the house, according to court records. A van identified as belonging to Mercedes Gomez was seen outside the house.

The next morning, the witness saw the women “cleaning up the front of the residence” but did not see Valenzuela, a mother of three according to the Associated Press.

Police interviewed another witness who told police he went to the residence the night of March 17 and the next morning.

“He observed blood in the bathroom of the residence and missing floor tile,” according to court records.

The witness asked Chavez what happened and she told him Mercedes and Christina arrived at the residence with a “third female” and they fought with her and killed her in the residence, courtrecords say.

Mercedes and Christina left with Valenzuela’s body while the others cleaned up, according to court records.

The witness told police a few days later Chavez showed him a news article that had a photo of a missing woman and “inferred to him that was the female who was killed at the residence,” court records say.

The witness identified Christina and Mercedes Gomez and Servin as being with Chavez the night Valenzuela was killed.

Mercedes Gomez gave the witness a debit card and pin number that belonged to Valenzuela on March 18, according to court records.

Another witness who was present at the residence identified Chavez and Christina Gomez as being there on “an unknown day in March.” She said she fell asleep at the home and woke up the next morning and “observed blood in the bathroom.” The witness helped clean up the blood, according to court records.

Police got a warrant and searched the residence April 24, and blood was found in the bathroom. Forensic results are pending.

All four women were booked into a Maricopa County jail face possible charges of kidnapping and are scheduled to appear in court May 4.

Servin’s bond has been set at $500,000. Chavez, and Christina and Mercedes Gomez’s bonds were set at $50,000.

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