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Frosted Glass Walls
Modern bathroom walls and doors are either made of glass or are non-existent. Having no doors or walls makes the bathroom less obstructed and appear bigger, while walls and doors give a sense of a cluttered space.
Luckily, there’s the option of frosted glass walls for those who still put a premium on modesty. These glass walls give you the coverage that you want without making your bathroom look divided or desynchronised. You have many options to choose from when looking for a new bathroom design on the Sunshine Coast, where you can get a feel of what frosted glass walls can do for your bathroom.
Behind the Mirror Lights
Have you ever needed more lights in your bathroom because you find it hard to do your make-up with the current settings? Well, the lights you have installed may not be the solution if they’re too harsh.
Installing a gentle, more modern light fixture behind the mirror means you have a stylish solution that doesn’t take up more of your bathroom space than necessary. Mirror lights look modern and classy, plus they don’t cast a shadow on you because they emit an even amount of light all around you.
Natural Stone Walls
Nature is therapeutic for most people because it instantly takes you to a place of fresh and beautiful scenery. That’s precisely what you want your bathroom to feel like. Ditch the tiles for natural stone walls. This option is completely customisable too as you get to make it your own as natural stone walls come in different types and sizes.
You can use slate, granite, travertine, sandstone or marble to make your wall as fitting to your style as you like. Previously a luxury and pricey installation, this solution is now increasingly becoming more affordable for the average homeowner.  Bathroom builders on the Sunshine Coast can also work with you to stay within your budget when choosing stone types.
Freestanding Bathtubs
Who says a bathtub must be against a wall and nowhere else? You feel so restricted and caged in that little corner where you can’t even face your desired direction because you’re stuck at the wall.
Freestanding bathtubs let you have your tub in the centre or any other place which is the focal point of your personal space. They are easier to install than wall-attached bathtubs because of their ability to be placed anywhere in the bathroom. You get to choose from different shapes and sizes too, so you’re able to give your bathroom a luxury spa feel.
Lighted Wash Basins
Being woken up by a harsh light coming from the bathroom during a beautiful night’s sleep shouldn’t happen to you when your partner gets up for a drink in the middle of the night.
And neither of you should need to turn on all the lights if you only need to wash your face or brush your teeth. The lighted wash basins are soft on the eyes and don’t take away from your resting state. The muted lights can also serve as background lighting if you prefer a darker room.
Curb-less, Door-less Showers
Shower curtains and curbs are out! Not only are they very disruptive in a comfortable environment, they also look very untidy and require regular maintenance just to look in place.
With curb-less, door-less showers, you have the freedom to see everything in and around your bathroom. This makes you comfortable and your bathroom looks much neater. The maintenance is also a winner because taking care of your door-less shower means no glass to clean and maintain, saving you a lot of time, money and frustration.
Free Hand Taps
Do you ever wash your hands only to feel like they’re dirty again after closing the tap? That is what hand-controlled taps solve. With free hand taps, clean hands are in fact clean because they better control germs and hygiene.
If you have children in the house, you can prevent a lot of doctor’s visits by allowing your children to have a germ-free option in your home. Free hand taps also lead to a significant amount of water saved as water only runs for the time required to wash your hands. These are not only good for your health, but also for your bank account and the planet.
Concealed Toilet
Having a concealed toilet is not only for fancy hotels and high-end shopping centres, it’s for your home too. Having a concealed toilet means that you have a little less cleaning to do to keep bacteria away from your bathroom.
With the measurements slightly smaller, it is much simpler to see all the corners of your toilet, making it easier to reach and clean. The bathroom also looks more attractive and spacious with the top part of your toilet concealed. Overall, your bathroom looks stylish with a polished finish of your unobstructed background wall.
Glass Wash Basins
For your bathroom remodel on the Sunshine Coast, go for the glass wash basins. Whether you want a single or a his and hers set, you won’t go wrong with these basins. They come in luminous, clear, tinted or frosted glass which are just some of the favourites.
Glass is much stronger than you think, and the manufacturers are aware of the uses of the glass wash basins and therefore make it strong and durable to withstand the pressure. When glass shines amazingly in your bathroom, it acts as a luxurious accessory and is easy to clean.

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