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Sand Art – A Great Way To Decorate Your Home

Sand Art is a fun activity to do, and it’s so easy and effective! With Sand Art you can make a statement in your home and show how much you like the beach! When thinking of the beach, of course you have to think of sand! To me the beach and sand belong together. And […]

Colorful Beach Decor Makes Your Home Come To Life!

Colorful Beach Decor will freshen up your home and make it POP! When I think about colorful beach decor, usually I imagine different hues of blues, whites and sandy colors, with splashes of green. After all, that’s what it looks like at the beach, right? But what happens when you add accents of other, bolder […]

Wishing You A Beachy Christmas And A Sandy New Year!

It’s half past 12 at night here in Perth, Australia, on Christmas Day – and I am about to hit my bed! I was just still wrapping presents and putting them under our Christmas Tree. But I have not had time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, so […]

Surfing Santas

I found this very cute and clever ad on YouTube, and I thought it’s worth sharing with all beach lovers! So here it is, enjoy! And please feel free to share 😉 And just in case the video doesn’t show up here (I couldn’t see it in my preview, bummer!), here is the link to […]

DIY Christmas Trees From Sea Shells

Whenever Christmas is around the corner, lots of us start getting really creative and want to do some fine and special “Christmassy” decorating. And as somebody who loves the beach and everything coastal, what could be more special than DIY Christmas Trees that you have made yourself from sea shells that have been washed ashore? […]

Decorating With Beach Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is such a magical time, and Beach Christmas Ornaments are the perfect festive decor to surround yourself with as a beach lover. Apart from looking stunning, they will also remind you of what you treasure so much. There are so many ways of decorating for Christmas in a coastal and beach style that at […]

Driftwood Craft Ideas

Driftwood is a great natural wood which can be used in many different driftwood craft ideas. It has a special place in beach decorating, as it is so versatile and adds a very natural element to your home. It will also bring it so much closer to the beach. [drift·wood – Driftwood is wood that […]

Beach House Interiors Make A Splash!

Beach House Interiors have become more and more popular over the last few years. It’s a great way of decorating and showing your love of everything coastal and beach, whilst bringing lot of natural design materials into your home. This Beach House Interior Design by Amy Lau is stunning in its simplicity and color choice […]

Beach Bathroom Ideas

Beach bathroom ideas When it comes to decorating your beach bathroom, there really is no shortage of ideas! I personally think that simplicity is best – so its a matter of getting your color choices right, and then add a few – but stunning – accessories. Here are some beach bathroom ideas for inspiration! You […]

Glass Fishing Floats

Glass fishing floats have to be some of the most charming beach decorations out there. They bring a real authentic ocean breeze into a room where they are displayed in. They work probably best when grouped in a cluster of different colors, or showcased on a fishing net on a wall. I personally love the […]

Metal Fish To Decorate Your Wall

Metal fish wall art has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Metal wall hangings have kind of blown “ordinary” paintings and pictures out of the water – so to speak! It is a contemporary and interesting way to decorate your walls. And what better motif to choose for your walls than fish – […]

Celebrate Valentines Day In Beach Style!

What could me more romantic than the beach when it comes to Valentines Day? Here are some beach related inspirations and ideas for Valentines Day crafts, things to do, to buy and how to decorate for the big day!

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